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Hybrid/EV advice - looking for a unicorn

  • 06-07-2023 3:37pm
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    So. I know nothing about cars. Less to do with the fact that I'm female, more to do with fact that I only passed my driving test three months ago. I am 46.

    I'd like to buy a car. Specifically, I'd like to buy a small automatic hybrid that is relatively cheap but has Apple car play and rear parking cameras. We have a Toyota RAV4 hybrid at the moment, and we're keeping that so the new car will be a second car.

    Even better would be an EV. We have a charging port at the front of our house, and recently installed more solar panels, so a lot of our daytime electricity is going back to the grid. However EVs seem really expensive.

    I was kinda looking for something between €20-€25k to buy. I don't care about whether its second hand. But obvs I don't want to be sinking money to constantly fix a car. I'd be hoping to hang on to it for five years.

    Any suggestions? I was looking online for second hand automatic Toyota Yaris' which seemed around €22k. But that's because I have no imagination. I saw an Ora (by GWM??) in Dundrum Town Centre two weeks ago. I loved the look of it, and €35k didn't seem massive for a new EV, but I know nothing about the make and I don't really like the Chinese government using facial recognition to "identify driver fatigue" (yeah right).


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    How about a Fiat 500e fully electric? Distinctive and supports Apple Car play (don't know if it has a reversing camera)

    Full spec here -

    There's also a hybrid version.

    I downloaded the price list, but there were no prices, but it might be within your budget

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    You could look at the Peugeot e208, the Opel Corsa E, Hyundai Kona EV or a Kia Soul EV in or around the price range you are quoting. You may need to stretch your budget a little for some of those. Otherwise you could look at something older like the Hyundai Ioniq 28KWh but that is more of a mid size family hatchback type and larger than a Yaris. Any one of the cars above will most likely come with Apple Car Play as standard.

    The Ora you saw is new to the market and from China, same with the MG 4 that was launched late last year but you may be able to get one of those for around the 30k mark. The second hand market for those models is practically non-existent as they are so new.

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    You seem like the perfect canditate for a lower range full EV, seeing you already have a PHEV.

    You don't mention your typical driving, but there are many cars that would work for you. Cars such as the ID.3, Kona etc seem to be coming more affordable on the second hand market.

    Do you charge your PHEV most nights? If so, a second car needing charging could be a problem. But it really depends upon your usage.

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    3yr old Zoe 40 or 50 for around 20k be perfect for what you describe.

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    There was an ID.3 going for €25k on DoneDeal recently, that would suit just about anybody

    What EV to buy depends on what your intended use is. If it's just a 2nd car for running about the town then I'd pretty much go for the cheapest EV you can buy. Battery range won't be brilliant but if the car will only ever go to and from the supermarket then it's likely more than enough. It's quite possible that with with solar you'll literally be driving for free all year round if your mileage is low enough

    If you need (or want) something with more range then you'll need to spend money on a car with a bigger battery and also better charging speed

    In terms of maintenance costs, EVs are typically a lot cheaper to maintain than petrol cars. They have fewer moving parts and don't require things like regular oil changes, and in general it's harder to badly drive an EV into a major mechanical breakdown (without crashing it, don't do that)

    They do still require servicing, and some parts do need regular replacement (tyres, brake fluid, etc)

    "The internet never fails to misremember" - Sebastian Ruiz, aka Frost

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    Ioniq 28 and 38 EVs seem to be very popular around here, I've never even been in one but you'd get one for much less than your budget if you wanted. Ideal 2nd car. Search for the discussions here on them, there's plenty. Seem like a great entry point into EV driving. If I was adding a 2nd EV to the house I'd be all over one of them

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,734 ✭✭✭zg3409

    As a new driver it's very very likely in the first year you will scrape or crash your car. I would go on the cheaper end, buy a car that already has a few dents and if possible get parking aids like a reversing camera. Passing the test is only the start, you need to gain experience driving but also parking, avoiding other cars.

    In terms of EV what is your daily commute? What is your typical long weekend trip? Public chargers can have 1+ hour queues at peak times so you want to charge at home and have a big enough battery to make 99% of trips on only home charging. As others have said an old Zoe is a small good starter car. Older ones have small batteries and charge quite slowly in public. Handy for local trips within range of home bit not great for regular cross country trips.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,175 ✭✭✭Paul Kiernan

    1 to 3 year old Ioniq 38 all day long. Good, very well equipped, reliable car. Super efficient and balance of 5 year manufacturer warranty. Unpopular because they're not an SUV so cheap to buy secondhand.