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Robbie Keane gets a little karma



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    Eh, did somebody not read the article... ? ...

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    double post. sorry

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    Fair play to the Keanes.

    They’ll get their money alright.

    Overholding tenants should not only have to pay the due rent, but should be prosecuted separately for causing stress to the owners.

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    Winning and recovering the money are two different things. The tennant sounds like a nut bag, doubt she will pay up too handy.

    my little smugness came from reading that they had a few awkward years of someone else taking them for a ride just like he did to the fai (and effectively us tax payers as we had to bail the fai out)

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    I don’t think Keane stole anything…

    they sound like the tenants from hell.

    he might be ‘rotten’ with money or well off but that doesn’t mean he has to put up with the manner of shîthousery that the tenant threw at him.

    I could have 8 million in the bank but if I’m renting to someone I’m entitled have them adhere to the terms of their lease… paying rent, on time, every time, allowing in workmen, and not damaging the property…

    as for stealing a living..

    Ireland’s most capped player…

    irelands record goal scorer, 49 more goals than Don Givens who is number 2 on the list at 19…Keane has 68.

    Joint 21st all time international goal scorer.

    wanting another party to pay their rent as agreed… fairly normal.

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    Two absolute low life leech tenants!!

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    Robbie Keane and Morrissey are cousins.

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    One of Irelands wealthiest sports people who came up through volunteer grass roots football (so 1. He knows the efforts the volunteers put into it and 2. Knows how these volunteers need a little help from hq and most importantly 3. Probably wouldn’t have been in his position without either the volunteers or the fai) gets handed a daft contract from a corrupt mate but refuses to do the RIGHT and MORAL thing and step down and instead takes €250k per year for doing ZERO. In the meantime the fai being broke, cuts back on funding to grass routes and gets a massive bailout some of which is used to pay Keane.

    mightn’t be theft in the legal sense but definitely ethically .

    as I said karma

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    Thread is more suited to Current Affairs. Moving it over now.

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    The OP is being very harsh on Keane.

    Firstly, Keane's contract with the FAI and his private rental arrangements aren't linked and shouldn't be linked. They are totally different things.

    Secondly, Keane signed a contract and upheld his end of the deal. He did exactly what was asked of him by his employer. He didn't sideline himself. Stephen Kenny didn't want him as part of the team and Keane's employers didn't give him another role. His employers (the FAI) sidelined him. I don't blame him one bit for seeing out his contract.

    A lot was made of Keane being friends with Delaney etc. Delaney left the FAI in September 2019 and Stephen Kenny took over his role in April 2020. So Delaney wasn't there to look after his 'pal' while he was sidelined and Delaney can't be blamed for not giving Keane anything else to do to earn his money.

    Thirdly, yer wan is a right wagon. She sounds like a right entitled see you next Tuesday and it's clear she lied plenty of times and tried to use the 'poor old me' card all the time. Keane deserved to be paid the rent that he's owed. Chances are that he won't get it paid but he did stuff legally, his tenant didn't.

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    Number 1. I am interlinking both topics as that’s how the concept of karma apparently works. ie “what goes around comes around” and “what you sow is what you reap”. Keane took the FAI for a ride because he got handed a contract that didn’t make sense so karma returned the favour to him.


    Number 2. Everyone seems to forget that while the FAI is a business on paper it’s not really a business, it’s by and large an amateur organization with a few well paid people at head office. Legally yes Keane had a contract, but he had a contract with an amateur organization. The amount of local volunteers is huge, small clubs around the country working their asses off each week being forced to fund raise and giving up their free time all for the love of the sport / community / kids. If he had any sort of morals he would have stepped down and let his EUR250k a year salary go to good use at grass roots levels but instead he probably saw it as a way to fund his wifes next tacky handbag or their next holiday / car. We all love to rant and rave about the charity sector and its paid employees but they actually work and earn their salary but it seems a different set of principals applies when keane comes into it.


    Number 3. Delaney gave keane a contract that didn’t make sense as it lasted longer than the reasons for the contract (ie McCarthys contract). So I see Delaney looking after Keane with a bizarre contract. Typical Delaney spending other peoples money and nobody holding him to account.

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    Keane and O'Neill received a 3 million euro pay off.

    McCarthy got 1.13 million.

    Keane didn't change the parameters of his contract and should have been fired and the remainder of the contract paid which is standard practice.

    I imagine the reason he wasn't was because the FAI asked him not to take a lump sum.

    What any of that has to do with some absolute scum bag squatter I have no idea.

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    Fair play to Robbie and the misses. But that's some length of time to get rid of waster. Absolutely wrong that it can happen.

    The FAI gave him a contract and he was available to work. That's on the FAI not Robbie Keane. They should have had him doing some sort of coaching but obviously his contract stated he had to be involved with the senior team. He might have been decent with the 17's or 21's.

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    Keane absolutely didn't take the FAI for a ride. It was the FAI who screwed things up.

    The contract made perfect sense when it was written and Keane began working as per the terms of the contract. Everybody was working and everybody was happy happy at that point. Then the FAI appointed Stephen Kenny and he didn't want Keane as part of his team. It would be akin to a new manager taking over in your job and saying they didn't want you to work for them any more. What would you do in that situation, just walk away? You would in your hole if you had a contract that guaranteed you €250k per year. You'd want to be paid what you are entitled to be paid.

    It was the FAI sidelined who Keane. They effectively took his job away from him. That's not Keane's fault. That's 100% on the FAI. Keane has done absolutely nothing wrong and deserves to be paid according to the terms of his contract, which he honoured. As was mentioned a post or two above, the FAI should have paid the rest of Keane's contract off if they didn't want him any more. Instead of paying him off with a lump sum, they just left him there and paid him according to the terms of the contract. Both ways would probably have ended up costing the FAI about the same amount of money.

    I don't see it as a moral issue either. Keane fulfilled his end of the bargain so he should expect the FAI to fulfill their end of the bargain. Why should he be out €500k when he did nothing wrong?

    If Delaney gave Keane a contract for a period longer than he should have, then that's on the FAI, not Keane. Your gripe is with the wrong party. It should be the FAI that you have grief with, and not Keane.

    Anyway, the woman that Keane rented to sounds like a right ar5ehole and she should have never been left in the place since 2020 if she wasn't paying the rent.

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    What difference does it make ?

    On the contract thing, I wouldn't blame Keane either. It was the FAI's doing, not his. What were they thinking giving McCarthy a two year deal and Keane four years ? They just assumed Stephen Kenny would keep him on ? Was always on the cards that he would want his own team in. One last stupid decision from Delaney.

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    We badly need High Court enforcement officers in this country.

    Tenants acting the bollix here just move on to their next "mark" with zero repercussions, aided and abetted by far-left politicians.

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    Taking pleasure in the misfortune of others, do we not learn that this is unhealthy in primary school?

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    delighted they won their case, I can't imagine how stressful it must have been. Hope they recover every penny!

    (OP you sound incredibly bitter and begrudging)

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,280 ✭✭✭ZookeeperDub

    Begrudgery is alive and well in Ireland

    Well done to Robbie and his wife on winning the case. Plus thanks to Robbie for all the incredible service he gave to Irish football.

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    Historically FAI have been idiots.

    Not sure you can blame individuals for getting paid too much by their employer though.

    Too many tv pundits etc who think international success is the most important thing for Irish football. Offering multi million contracts to national team managers when there are clubs with hundreds of kids up and down the country playing on rented farmers fields with a portaloo shouldn't be acceptable.

    Historically soccer was working class and no one gifted clubs fields and land like other sports. To get a lot of grants you have to own your pitch or to have a long term lease so again most soccer clubs haven't been able. Many urban clubs have gotten land from councils but a lot of clubs around the country are lucky if they have a portacabin and a levelish pitch.

    You can blame the FAI all you want for soccers mismanagement however don't ignore the yearly splurge of sports grants that are aimed at clubs who already have a certain level of infrastructure. As a result of being a sport for the poor historically soccer is excluded from that in large parts of the country as clubs can't get beyond the bottom rung of the funding ladder as they don't own their grounds.

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    Well this takes not letting the facts interfere with your opinion to a whole new level... and just like you inability to read and under the article you have not got a shred of evidence to support your other claims beyond pure hate, envy and jealousy. Everyone has a right to their good name and you have absolutely no right whatsoever to take it away, just because you don't like the man. A bit embarrassing really.