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Sit in your seat that’s on your ticket

  • 03-04-2023 12:41pm
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    I was in Croke Park yesterday and in my usual 305 section (season ticket) I was surprised the number of times people had to move due to someone sitting in their seat. The person who had move just got up and planted themselves in another random seat. These be people in the seat before the game starts so good chance they could be moved on. Why do people just decided I’ll sit in whatever sit I choose than in their allocated seat. You’d get away with it in quieter games or nearer goal line seats in the sides. I’ve seen make comments in the pass can you not sit there instead as it is free.


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,394 ✭✭✭flasher0030

    It's very simple. I got tickets for yesterdays matches - myself and the kids. Not a great view, and was cold in the shade. Why would I wait there when there are free tickets around the middle of the Cusack - i.e. left vacant by the Dublin and Derry supporters who had gone home. I had a look around and the 4 of us moved over to seats that were around the 45 metre line. And was a bit of sunshine. Win win situation all round. If it turned out that someone was still actually using those seats and returned back to them, I would just move to a couple of seats that were actually vacant and wait there. There were 100's of seats around. I don't see what the issue is? On the contrary, I was trying to get a few others to move with us, but they didn't. Like as if they were afraid they were doing something wrong. When we met them afterwards, they were frozen, had a crap view, and couldn't hear any of the speeches, interviews from where they were sitting. They said next time, they would definitely think more outside the box.

    If you mean that it is the case that someone was sitting in someone elses seat, and wouldn't actually move when they were advised to get out, then that's different. That's not on.

    For the Dublin Derry match yesterday, we were like musical chairs. I spent the hour and a half going round Croke Park cause the kids wanted to meet friends who were in different locations. We'd sit in some random seats and then move on. It wasn't putting anyone out. In the 4 hours or so that we were in Croke Park, I don't think there was one time that we were actually asked to move by anyone coming back to claim the seats. There was loads of room.

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    After having to use the bathroom at halftime in the Division One Final I came back to an absolute clown who wouldn't move until I showed him my seat numbers. After that he said he was sat beside his family and that there were plenty more seats free. He wasn't long being told where to **** off to when he said that.

    It was bad enough losing but I certainly wasn't going to sit in the Davin instead of my paid for seat in the 306 to watch it 😂

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    Were you in row E by any chance? There were words between two crowds in front of me

    Have to agree with Flasher, can't see the harm in it

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    No but a little further back.

    There’s no harm in it but going for an area that will have bigger seat occupancy than not especially before throw in is more the case. If nobody in a section after 10-15 minutes has more a chance not been taken.