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Ways in which you've been touched inappropriately

  • 29-12-2022 10:09pm
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    It's happened to us all at some point... whether it be pretty harmless or flat out wrong. Care to share your experiences? It doesn't have to be sexual... just anything that involving physical contact that you didn't like. It's amazing how people you think you know well enough can be suddenly inappropriate.

    • A guy at work who I was taking over from makes his presence known by saying "off you go now don't let the team down" as he gives me several pats on the shoulder/back. When I felt the first pat, I thinking "hopefully it'll just be one or two pats". But then I realised it was going to quite a few done to patronise me in front of others. I said I'd at least give a pat or two back with the one free hand I had. That was of course a weak attempt to stand up for myself and his pats became more forceful towards the end, as he realised that he could take full advantage.

    • A manager at work used to applaud good work in a weird way. He'd try grab the person on the shoulder as he'd say "turn around". Then he'd pat them on the back and say well done. This same manager grabbed a walkie-talkie off my waist. Technically he didn't touch me when he did it but it didn't feel good.

    • An older woman spills sparkling water on me as it over-fizzes. Some gets on my jeans. As she's wiping some of it off things it spilled on, she suddenly starts wiping my leg above my knee with the cloth, as if it's another object.

    • A woman who used to be a friend of my mother's who I hadn't seen in years outside a church after a confirmation or something, and says something like "oh you've gotten so tall" and starts touching my cheek in front of the others I was talking to. I was 21! I didn't know what had just happened.

    • Another time I remember my auntie talking to my father in her house when my cousin was sitting on a high stool in the kitchen. As she was talking, she put her hand on my cousin's knee and sort of leaned on it as if he was a piece of furniture. She leaned on him for about 10 seconds and he didn't look very comfortable.

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