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Kia Sportage PHEV

  • 21-11-2022 10:01am
    Registered Users Posts: 652 ✭✭✭

    We have a Kia Sportage 1.6 Diesel and looking at the new PHEV but i am bit surprised by the economies of the car

    the new PHEV 14kw battery, at .40c KW Electricity costs €5.60 to charge, to do about 50km plus the half liter of petrol using there figure of 1l/100km = €6.60 for 50km

    Our Diesel is averaging 900km for €120 of diesel, .13 cent per km, so to do the equivalent 50km = €6.67.

    Add in the PHEV has a 15litre smaller tank, reduced range and the hassle of plugging it in everytime you return home, what is the point of the PHEV?

    Yes i know i could have night rate, solar etc.... but i dont today


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,819 ✭✭✭kanuseeme

    • Capacity
    • 13.8 kWh
    • Usable capacity
    • 11.1 kWh

    its range on Autotrader gives 43 miles or 69 km, should do the 50 km easily.

    You will never be able to put 14 kWh into the car, max is 11 kWh, using that, its now 9 cents a km, unless you get a night rate or a cheaper e-cars rate of 37.5 kWh.

    I presume the fuel usage is the Wtlp figure of 1l/100 km, which only covers a distance of 24 km, it cannot be really trusted, but beyond the battery range you can expect something 5 to 8 liters a 100 km, I cannot say what but nearly all PHEVs are in that range.

    If plugging in is a hassle then don't get one, it helps to get a tethered charger it can reduce the hassle down to a few seconds.

    It's a lot easier to put 120 euros into the car for 900 km, whereas I put in 50 euros for 2100 km and plugged in 50 times.

  • Registered Users Posts: 652 ✭✭✭eusap

    @kanuseeme So for your €50 plus 2100x.09cents = €239, versus two fills at €120 for 1800km, so the saving is 300km of fuel or €40?

    Do you have the sportage or something similar?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,819 ✭✭✭kanuseeme

    I have a nighttime rate, there is a benefit to it besides the car, washing machine, etc.

    The 9 cent calculation was 50 km @ 11 kWh x 40 cent = 8.8 cent a km

    ''Our Diesel is averaging 900km for €120 of diesel, .13 cents per km''

    If you only do 50 km trips and use your electricity rate, around 25% saving. Other benefits are free parking while charging and reduced tolls.

    Your calculation of 1l/ 100km should not be mixed up with the 50km range, it's 1 liter plus 11 kWh for 100 km, so 7.6 euros for 100km compared to 13 euros for diesel.

    As I said the figure of 1l/100km cannot be trusted, it could be closer to 3 liters per 100 km plus the 50km electricity cost, unlikely but it's best to err on the side of caution.

    The last time I did a calculation was ages ago, I think it was around 6 cents per km, I cannot remember if fuel was included or not. I should do it again,

    Anyway, I charge every night and I will charge at every opportunity, the value of a polar bear is priceless.

    My car is a BMW 330e, 25-30km range, 6 kwh to charge it, 7l/100 km petrol after the battery is depleted. I just got it serviced and they wiped my trip computer, it was giving me 15 kWh per 100 km and 80 km per liter, using petrol at 1.8 euros and your electricity of 40 cents, 100 km = 8.25 euros, compared to 12.6 euros if I found plugging in, ''a hassle'' and drove it around at 7 l/100 km.

    Previous phev's were an Outlander (7l/100km electricity 20kWh/100km or something) and a Toyota Prius phev, (5l/100km and 15 kwh/100km)