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Solar + battery breakeven analysis

  • 17-11-2022 9:08pm
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    Hi all,

    I am beginning on my journey of upgrading my homes energy production - and I'm considering introducing a solar array and a battery. I read through the really informative sticky which highlighted the many different variables (controllable and uncontrollable) that will affect how effective an upgrade to my system will be. This has me wondering, is there any sensor that can account for all of these variables that will affect my future solar production and output power generation data? TIA.


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    Not sure if it answers your question but that giveenergy system provides a lot of data from their web portal. You can enter your electric tarrif details and it shows you what you are spending each day as well as export generation..

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    Hey, don't get what you mean. You're looking for some info to see is solar worthwhile for you? Or you are happy solar will help you and you want to see what could improve solar production? Or something else?

    To max production from solar:

    1. Fill as much of the space as you can with panels . Will be the lowest cost to do that on install day (labour is a huge cost for the work)
    2. The roof direction / orientation will impact production. South will produce the most. East gives morning sun. South midday. West is evening. North is supposed to be about half of South (you’d only have North when all else was filled). I’ve an East / West split as that’s my roof shape – which helps if people are home during the day as power runs from earlier to later
    3. Then after that, shade will impact production big time. Even a small amount of shade can drop it a large amount. So remove anything that will shade panels (I cut 2 pipes on my roof that would shade panels). Or if that’s not possible, put optimisers on the ones that will get shade.
    4. A good installer should look after those points as part of their design. Which you can then review + challenge the design if needed.

    I’d suggest ignore the battery for now and get solar. You get paid ~15c credit for units not used, so reduces the benefit of a battery. That’s called FIT (feed in tariff). You can always add a battery later if needed. There’s a lot of debate on that, so people have strong opinions.