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Orthodontic treatment

  • 30-10-2022 6:56pm
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    Hello , I'm wondering if anyone could help me with my question please. I was initially told I had over crowding on upper arch, that I may need 2 teeth extraction. After having xray's the Orthodontist decided I would not need to have any teeth removed. A Hypothetical question, If I did need the extraction of 2 upper teeth and I objected, would an orthodontist carry out treatment to leave you with the end result of an overjet and conditions that come with an overjet ?

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    Moved to a forum that's related to the topic instead.

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    Apologies... I thought this fourm was for all topic conversations ?

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    There's a specific dental forum, you're now in it

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    In attempting to reduce an overjet, the orthodontist will be reducing how far forward your upper teeth are in front of your lower teeth. If the only way of doing that is to move the upper front teeth back, and the ortho needs to create the space to do this by removing a premolar on each side, then yes, if you decline the treatment recommended, you will have to accept that your decision has affected the outcome and you could be left with an overjet and the conditions that come with it.

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    Thankyou for your reply. Initially the Ortho said I may need to have 2 upper teeth extracted. He later said there was no need for extraction after i had xray's. I am now left with an overjet problem. At 1st review I had addressed my concerns to him since removal of my braces, problems I have with smiling eating etc. He said it was because I have prominent lips of someone in their 20's , that I would not be suitable for any more treatment etc...

    2nd review , I again expressed my concerns and complaints and told him I did research and believe I have an overjet/overbite. Expressed how unhappy I am. He asked me would i have liked 2 teeth removed , I was shocked that a professional Ortho would ask me this now after completing my treatment!!!

    I just thought that if Hypothetically I did object to extraction then how on earth would an ortho treat someone knowing the conditions an overjet would bring.

    I dealing with a very dishonest Orthodontist here !

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  • Registered Users Posts: 12,036 ✭✭✭✭ Dav010

    Your second post bears no relation to your first, I’m afraid I can’t help you any further if you don’t seem sure if you objected to the extractions. If you are unhappy with the result, seek a second opinion.

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    Dav010, Thankyou for your reply.

    I'm very sure I did not object to having 2 teeth removed. I went with the Ortho's advice . He initially said I would need 2 upper teeth extraction then after xray's he said, I didnt. I went ahead with the treatment for a slanted tooth and now I am left with an overjet, an overjet I never had in the place!

    The ortho made the professional decision to not extract my teeth and as a result I am left with an overjet.

    I was putting a hypothetical question on this board , that if a patient is advised that you would be left with an overjet without extraction and the patient objects to extraction. Is it professional that an Orthodontist would carry out treatment knowing you would be left with conditions caused by overjet.

    My thoughts would be mist definitely not and wanted to get feedback on my question.