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Snag List-New Build

  • 12-10-2022 11:19am
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    So we are due to get a snag done on a new build...

    Main question is, once the snag is done, is it a case that issues raised in the snag have to be immediately addressed and fixed, or is there a timeframe put in writing for when the issue is to be fixed/remedied?


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    There is no time frame written in stone. Generally the builder will need about one or two weeks to get through the list.

    You will then be brought around with the foreman explaining what was fixed.

    You have a choice then, Anything left outstanding can be noted in the sign-off document. You can proceed with the process and the remaining issues can be dealt with after. Anything noted, the builder is obliged to fix.

    Or you can get the builder to fix the remaining issues and wait to sign off on snagging until he does so. That will add another week to closing.

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    Perfect cheers that pretty much answers all my questions

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    Chances are though your snagger, if they are any use, will find a ton of issues and not all of them are going to be fixed. Some of it will come down to a difference of opinion.

    It is worth figuring what issues you will absolutely insist are fixed and ensure those are prioritised.

  • Registered Users Posts: 945 ✭✭✭WhiteWalls

    Would 25 minor issues from a snagger be seen as very minimal?

    I trusted the EA and he recommended a snagger, list he gave me only has 25 minor issues so I'm now wondering was it a bad idea

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    For new build EA is very much on the developer's side.

    You're spending hundreds of thousands. Get a decent snagger. 25 minor items must be a seriously high quality build or a half assed snag.

    Per above the builder is going to aim to close the minimum, you'll want them to close all. It's a case of standing your ground to ensure you get the ones you want closed.

  • Registered Users Posts: 945 ✭✭✭WhiteWalls

    Yeah I regret getting him now, naive on my behalf, the EA did say from the outset that it was gonna be a very light snag regardless but 25 minor issues seems very lenient

  • Administrators Posts: 52,214 Admin ✭✭✭✭✭awec

    25 is too low. That must be 2 or 3 per room at most.

    There's no way any builder is this perfect.

    @WhiteWalls what sort of issues has he highlighted?

  • Registered Users Posts: 945 ✭✭✭WhiteWalls

    Cracks in skirting, a few marks here and there, little bit of patch painting we're the main bits.

    To be fair, the EA did tell me at thee viewing that the snag would be very minimal as the builder did what he called a pre snag

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    Every builder should pre-snag. More EA rubbish.

    I suppose the next question is, are you happy with the condition? And glaringly obvious damage to walls, doors, windows inc handles and glazing?

    Do all taps, toilets, lights, switches work?

    Any of that missed by snagger?

    I mean it's not unreasonable to assume that the builder did a good job.

    But I'd still get another opinion.

    Btw is a big or small builder?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 945 ✭✭✭WhiteWalls

    All of those main points you highlighted do work. To be fair when I was in the house there was not one thing I could have pointed out.

    Its a small builder.

    I've spoken with him and he assures me everything above board. Explained reasoning for low number of items identified. I do believe him, maybe I'm naive but there comes a point where you just have to trust these people..