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How to talk to my employer

  • 04-10-2022 11:48am
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    I work part time in an office and am studying to be an SNA. I need to do work experience in the next few months - around 40 hours - and I'm not sure what to tell my boss.

    Do I tell him the truth, that I am looking to go down this route for a career, or should I just take annual leave?

    I'm hoping to get a job in this area in the new year.

    If this isn't the correct place, could you please post it in the correct forum?


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    40 hours isn't that much, could it be done over 1 week? If so the simplest solution would be to book some leave and don't tell your employer your entitled to spend your time off however you want.

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    Depends on lots of factors. How long you have been working there, what your relationship is like, etc.

    If this work experience is coming up soon best to let the employer know asap so they can arrange cover if needed - whether you take it as annual leave or ask for reduced hours. 40 hours spread over a few months doesn’t sound like much so if you give enough notice it shouldn’t be an issue for the employer to accommodate you.

    If you are friendly with them, I don’t see why you would hide the fact you are planning on looking for work in another area next year - seems the decent thing to do. You’re not obliged to, and if you are on shaky ground with them and worried about getting fired best to leave or I guess.

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    Hi Op

    there is not only 1 type of employer. so what i would tell an employer who is fair, and loves to see their staff progress their careers is not the same as what i would tell one that is vengeful or resentful.

    with that in mind i wouldn't think a stranger n the internet is best placed to advise you what to say.

    can you not use annual leave and take a half day or a full day here and there to do your work experience? If you did that you wouldn't have to tell your employer at all.

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    The only employer who I would tell is in a multi-national or similar, where a manager can one day get an order to choose N staff to let go as part of a global headcount reduction. In this type of place, it's good for your manager to know, because if they get that call, they can choose you, you get a payout and your colleagues get to stay.

    If I was working in a place where the company could possibly help with my studies, then I would let them know I was studying and see if they join the dots.

    Other than that, I would tell them as little as possible and in the OP's scenario, I'd use annual leave.

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    It's a part time job and a career, so your manager should not be surprised that you are doing part time work to fund something else...

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