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Smart Meter tariffs are cheaper than 24hr tariffs

  • 28-09-2022 1:48pm
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    I just disagree that smart meters are more expensive than 24 hour meters for normal users.

    I think we are probably normal users, 2 of us, WFH 4 days a week, in 1. Oil heating, electric shower and cooker.

    I've got all the tariffs (best one in each category) available from suppliers now, (SSE,EI,BG,Energia,FloGas) with the new rates that are changing in a few days.

    The smart meter beats the 24hr with every company.

    It's all about how you divide up between the tarrifs.

    This time last year the CRU (so bonkers and switcher) used the following % usage to work out the cost

    day rate / night rate /peak - 63 / 24 / 13

    That was similar to mine after having a smart meter installed but not enabled for 18 months - 65 / 23 / 12

    Since having it enabled 11 months ago i've only really moved the dishwasher out of peak and washing machine to finish at about 8:00am - 61 / 28 / 11

    Interestingly the CRU (so bonkers and switcher) are now using 52 / 39 / 9 which skews the results towards smart meters from 24 hour anyway.

    Maybe im just going mad. Or perhaps the companies have moved based on recent criticism.

    Is anyone with a smart meter installed (doesnt have to be enabled) willing to share the day / night / peak / total figures on the meter with me?


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    You have posted at a very opportune time as I have just switched from SSE to Electric Ireland wef 1 Aug and EI have twigged that I have a smart meter as I got letter 21 Sept but when I go to my online account I get nothing regarding usage. I signed up for the 30% discount plan and selected standard meter.

    I am awaiting first bill but how do I find the information you request in last para? I just use electricity and don't use night or anything like that. And I switch every year. I only look at the amount I actually have to pay and there are only 2 of us retired. A lot of gear though.

    My rate is 21.91 and i expect that to go up by the recent increase of 26.7% wef 1 October.

    Out of interest do you compare actual cost from month to month and do you switch each year?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,236 ✭✭✭eeepaulo

    Been switching for years, i only really check the prices when I or a friend/family is due a switch. I have a spreadsheet that works the figures out properly.

    Since at least May EI have been offering that 30% tariff for both 24hr and smart meters. And those high % discounts are nice when the unit price is going up, that 26.7% increase coming is only about 18% increase for you once you take into account the discount. (enabling the smart meter probably won't make any difference to you as you are going to be on the same tariff)

    To get the info go to the meter, pressing the green button scrolls through time - total - night - day - peak

    (in the top right it scrolls though time - a+ - T1 - T2 - T3)

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    Thank you for that I just tried it and at the moment its a bit double dutch but I'll get there. I was expecting that information to be online😏. Is it possible to get it on a smartphone? Its actually showing data as you explained but its cold outside now so watching that storm in Florida to cheer me up. 155mph!! wind and 190 gust and a guy reporting live😎

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    Not until you enable the meter and at the moment you would (probably) just be on the same tariff.

    ESB are talking about creating a portal for you to look at even without it enabled and there are rumours about an app, but who knows when.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,210 ✭✭✭swoofer

    Glad you posted I'm up to speed now. The emails from Electric Ireland give the impression its all up and running and then you are left in limbo. I can plan for next year when I switch.

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    Hopefully they improve the smart plans. There is little incentive to move to them at the moment.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,786 ✭✭✭DownByTheGarden

    They will just increase the non smart plans