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Consultation with CMO - normal?!

  • 07-09-2022 10:25am
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    As per title I have received a letter to have a phone consultation with the CMO (this was requested by HR department to offer medical advice on my case).

    For background I have been on sick leave for approx 5 weeks (2 weeks in hospital) I have been seriously ill and I am waiting on a further scan (due in next few days) plus likely a further operation. I have provided updates regularly and sick certs etc well in advance.

    Is this standard now in public sector/civil service? I have not been on sick leave bar a day or two before now - in my current place I have never had sick leave.

    Should I involve my union?


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    Is your current illness likely to have you missing a lot of time off work in future. Not sure about the CS, but it is a valid reason to let someone go in the private sector.

    If not, and it's routine, not something you'd be embarrassed about I'd just go along with it. What would be your fear?

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    It is just new ground to me.

    I don't think so, I should be back after this operation (well after a few weeks). As far as I know in CS you can be on paid sick leave for 6 months. Not embarrassed at all happy to have call I have all documentation discharge notes etc. I have been on department for 3 years and am permanent.

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    Yes, you should consult the union.

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    Thank you.

    Is this not a normal process in CS/PS?

    Seems to be if I am going by the CMO website?

    "All cases of absence from work due to sick leave are now automatically referred by HR to the CMO’s Office/CSOHD after a maximum of 4 weeks duration. This is a requirement of the sick pay scheme. The purpose of this is to assist workplace rehabilitation, or to advise on the medical aspects of individuals experiencing difficulties with regular attendance at work. This is in keeping with international best practice."

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    This is fine. I've dealt with the Cmo. Very understanding. Sounds like you have been doing everything right and are off for a valid reason. When off for a certain amount of time you will get referred to the cmo.

    If you have any issues you are worried about you could always contact Cseas.

    Wouldn't think the union would be necessary

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    Thanks really appreciate that. I had a work colleague email me the same.

    Believe me I would much rather be back at work but given how bad I am I wouldn't be much use, looking forward to scan and operation (tbh!)

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    Most importantly they need to make sure you are fit to come back to work when you think you can. We have this at our work too when out for a period of time - they go to the company doctor. We also have a sick pay scheme.

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    Thanks again for all the advice folks, much appreciated

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    No matter what the topic you always manage to give the worst ‘advice’ which is quite the achievement.

    This is fairly standard op so I wouldn’t be worrying about it. Our department have a policy of sending people if they’ve been certified for 3 weeks continuously.

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    The OP pays union membership fees specifically so that they have advice and support from an organisation which understands both job requirements (which you and I don't have a clue about), and also how the employer and broader public sector work (which many boards members don't have a clue about).

    They have a query which requires this knowledge to answer it adequately.

    And you are suggesting that they should take the advice of randomers on boards, rather than consult the specialist membership organisation. Truly bizarre.

    OP: it's quite likely that the consultation is routine. But to be sure, do consult your union. They understand your job / workplace, as well as the CMO's process. Their advice in situations like this is literally what you are paying them for.

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