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Irish Gun shop websites

  • 27-08-2022 11:13pm
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    Most irish gun shops don't advertise their actual stock . And that puzzles me .I ve been buying the odd gun or two the last 20 years and it s very hit and miss to find what you are looking for .Anyone else agree ? Maybe gundealers just want to sell their latest and greatest addition . personally I like older guns and there is a lot of ringing about to receive varied responses .At times the salesperson will not even realise they have a certain firearm in stock . This is just an observation as it would seem they might sell more if they advertised what is in the gunroom .I have heard other shooters say the same thing .


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    One of the issues is a lot of gunshops dislike displaying prices online as it makes it significantly easier to shop around for the cheapest deal on new guns(ie the Ruger American setup going around with mod and scope included, anywhere from 1200-1450 that I've seen).

    That and the sheer time, effort, and technical capacity it takes to take photos, write a decent description of used guns in stock, etc means most dealers aren't really bothered.

    Never forget, the end goal is zero firearms of any type.

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    100% agree with Nova on this, it’s a bug bear of mine and it’s a discussion I’ve recently had with some club members and a few RFD’s.

    Some of us are on pensions/wallet deficient etc. or just like doing up old stuff, not everyone is looking for firearms priced at a grand plus.

    Ringing around is a right pain in the posterior, lots of staff don’t know what they have in stock half the time (especially old/older stock) and are only interested in selling big ticket items.

    Listing old stock doesn’t have to be expensive, actually it costs nothing.

    All RFD’s must have an in/out inventory list on hand by law; it's the 21st century so most good RFD’s will also have same in digital formal. Ten minutes editing, remove the new/collectors high end stuff, sort rest by category (rifle/shotgun/pistol/calibre) and post as a pdf file.

    No pictures required, no prices required, it just gives us all a “heads up” on what’s available; we can now make a call for further info.

    I like old/older firearms and many others do also, I know what I’m looking for so all I need is a simple list - Make, Model, Year and Calibre, simple, easy, what’s not to like.


    Information is out there – you just have to let it in.

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    I agree ,a second hand stock list with possibly condition ,model number wouod make sense .I find it's like a lucky bag in shops where you get a 'never knew that was there 'or over the phone 'oh there's probably something there ' .As the poster above said ,the dealers just aren't bothered .

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    That and the sheer time, effort, and technical capacity it takes to take photos, write a decent description of used guns in stock, etc means most dealers aren't really bothered.

    Annnddd there is a business opportunity for anyone slightly computer tech savvy with a laptop and good camera, car,and web design skills.

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