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Importing EV from Japan - charger type issues?

  • 21-08-2022 12:25pm
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    Hi folks, enjoy dipping in and out of the forum and reading about the different experiences of those both new and old to EVs. Would like to be in a position to purchase an EV at some stage in the not too distant future when budget allows. I was wondering whether importing a used EV from Japan like the Nissan Ariya or Toyota BZ4X might represent better value than purchasing here at home. From what I have read online EVs in Japan almost entirely use CHADEMO whereas in Europe most have moved to CCS. Is this correct? Are there adapters that allow you to switch between or is bringing a car reliant on CHADEMO into Ireland an unwise move? Thanks in advance.


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    CHAdeMO is not being added around the country any longer. CCS is the standard now and I say this as someone who owns an old Leaf and I had ordered a new Leaf for this year with CHAdeMO.

    The cost of importing a new or nearly new EV from Japan can’t offer much of a saving (if any). Then you’ve got the issue of language settings which you may not be able to change. I wouldn’t bother unless I was bringing in an older car and it wouldn’t be an older EV. you can still bring in EVs from the UK registered pre-Brexit, so maybe wait until you are in a better position and look at your options there as well as here.

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    There is no adapters for Chademo to CCS, 2 companies do convert leafs to CCS, Range Therapy in Kildare and Muxan in the Netherlands but I've heard no review of the reliability of such an upgrade.. Chademo chargers will remain widely available for at least the next 5 years so there's no panic just yet

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    In general you won't have an issue here in charging however the infotainment systems tend to be Japanese language only and the radio tends to be limited to about 1/2 the range of stations if you can navigate the Japanese. There are specialists that may or can replace or reprogram the radio. You often also need to pay an insurance premium for a jap import car.

    There are specialist Irish importing companies that help translate the Japanese auction websites and help transport and import cars.

    For example jap import Prius is very popular Dublin taxis. There are a good few specialist dealers selling only jap import cars including some models never sold in Ireland.

    A few leafs have been brought in over the years Personally it sounds like too much work, risk and hassle unless you intend reselling on. Often what you see in Japanese auction sites may not clearly show damage or missing bits or battery degredation where car may have sat for months with a flat main battery which is not good for long term life of the battery.

    The new ariya is to be CCS in Europe but presumably chademo in Japan. It's only just being launched now so no point importing.

    In terms of long term chademo reliance it will be supported for the next 10 years but it's more and more likely that newer charging sites may not support it. It's also relatively slow to charge compared to most modern EVs.

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    I think a lot of things you mentioned are overstated and shouldn't be too much of a worry, especially if you can get the car at the right price. For example how do the Dublin taxi drivers get around the infotainment systems language barrier or the radio bands on their imported Prius's?

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    The Japanese Prius I was in yesterday had a retrofitted Android head unit. It might have great functionality, but looked rubbish tbh.

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    They fit crap to the center of the car. Same as the meter, they rip out bits of the car to make it fit. A taxi is a tool so it has to work, not necessarily look pretty.

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    There are specialists that can put in one from a crashed leaf, but it may be expensive and hard to source. They may be able to reprogram one but I am not sure Things like battery % and timed charging are more useful than music radios. Here they list only specific models and years are possible.


    The OP was talking about a brand new model of car where there may not even be a work around possible.