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Calvine, Scotland 1990. UFO photo hidden by UK released.

  • 14-08-2022 9:38pm
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    You will find multiple threads across Twitter etc about this. Briefly put, the UK Ministry of Defence suppressed newspaper report and hid photos of a UFO in Scotland since 1990. The photo is widely available today. Further information has been suppressed until 2076.

    Nick Pope was the MOD investigator of the event.

    The original photo is here

    To help posters along, it is not a reflection in a lake, (thoroughly debunked), it is an original photo from the era (Sheffield Hallam Uni), it was taken near a little known USAF/ RAF base near Pitlochry.

    This tweet claims these are notes of the interview of the original witnesses and photographer; the memo below may have better provenance as the text has been quoted elsewhere.

    As the US Congress has passed legislation forcing UFO/UAP reporting on the US military and recently introduced wide reaching whistleblower protections for disclosure of material hidden from Congressional oversight, have we entered a new era in regard to this topic? And why all the effort in the past few years with this revelation of hidden documents now?

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    Just on this topic, I was chatting to a guy I know two days ago, pub friend, don't know him too well, he's fairly old. But he recounted his experience of seeing the triangle UFO back in Belgium in the late 1980's. Huge, and silent, with the red lights underneath. The typical triangle that we all know now.

    He had never known of that iconic UFO at the time. I asked him was he very shocked years later as the iconic image surfaced from people's descriptions. Of course he was. I had to drag this out from him a bit. I don't think he was spoofing me.

    It was my first experience of hearing anything so specific like that at first hand.

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    someone fuked a fray bentos pie tin over the hedge.

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    I’ll just add this link to a separate MOD witness statement in Scotland, more to the east in the same month and year.

    I have no idea what these things were or are but we cannot keep dismissing such reports out of hand. Remember this is 32 years ago and 14 before the USS Nimitz UAP encounter of 2004. Tbh, it’s very very strange.

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    the first image is a fake though.

    the second image is real.

    jets sometimes tow angular shaped targets at high speed, for gunnery practice.

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    Experimental blimps ? Could be a proof in concept for stealth reduction on Radar any number of things.

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    Paper Airplane

    "Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining." - Fletcher

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    Would need to see the 5 other photos. As with all unidentified photos it is of course low quality and unclear. Pity none of these things appear now, I was taking crystal photos (and footage) with my Samsung of the recent air-show.

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    We are told it is the best of the 6. I have no doubt that in an era of deep fakes and Photoshop that any footage taken today would face an avalanche of dismissal too.

    I’m dubious about this photo given its similarity to a famous fake from Puerto Rico. I’m curious about the fact that some who investigated it regarded it as a fake but since regard it as US advanced technology. There has been no sign of the deployment of such technology in the 32 years since and the US Congress and Presidents are unaware of it.

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    The F117 was the first US stealth aircraft in operations. It was revealed to the public in 1988 and was used in the first Gulf War 1990

    A blimp is interesting because of the right hand side of the object seems to have some different shape. But the question then is how is it tethered to the ground and how did it ascend very quickly as per witness. Remember the MOD had the negatives.

    There’s a lot that lends toward fake here. But then you have that different witness report in Scotland later in the month. It’s very odd.

    My typing was off. F117 revealed to public 1988. Two years before this.

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    Some good analysis of the photo doing the rounds on reddit.

    Whatever it is - experimental technology or UFO, the photo aint faked.

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    What annoys me most. And I believe in extraterrestrial life. Is why all the geometric shapes. If you had Antigravity technology. Shape is irrelevant. That shape for example leaves a lot of the interior unusable. I mean angles like that are great for stealth against radar. But if you had gravity waves you could make the ship invisible to the naked eye via some kind of distortion effect.

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    Apologies for typos in post quoted. F117 revealed in 1988.

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    Photos were faked just as easily in the past. It's not difficult. For example, someone painted a UFO on some plate glass and took a photo of it with a background, it had people stumped for a long time until it was revealed.

    My point (as always) is that UFO "sightings" and "encounters" have decreased dramatically with the emergence of high quality camera phones. Likewise "ghost" sightings.

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    I will take that at face value and add that while it may reduce the fraudsters it doesn’t eliminate key reports. That seems irreducible.

  • It’s mad that in this era of smartphones and 4K video that the whole UFO thing has pretty much died out……

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    It's an unidentified thing in a grainy photograph. And that's fine. Billions of people using film cameras and videos pointing at the sky for decades are obviously going to capture things we can't identify (or create them, which we are very good at doing)

    The problem is people making the extraordinary leap to hint it could be "aliens". It's on the same level as having a blurry underwater photograph and someone suggesting it could be a "mermaid".

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    Funny that the reconstructed photo omits the trees and fence. The original seems like a weird angle.

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    That goes without saying. Equally there is a weight of odd evidence whose deliberate misinterpretation as catalogued in the Australian file on the other thread raises even more issues.

    I find the weight of reports, the technical support for many of them, the highly trained and qualified observers for some of them raises large questions. The Galileo Project led from Harvard and the increasingly intrusive and tactically astute US Congress approach may throw more light. Quite honestly the USAF looks more and more to be in the spotlight. And whatever contractors they have.

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    Indeed, however I'm coming from the opposite side. The number (weight) of reports means simply there are a number of things in photographs/video we can't identify.

    Likewise as for the credibility of experts, professionals and witnesses - people have demonstrated, regardless of background, that when it comes to the fantastic, they can either make stuff up or truly believe they've seen something (when they haven't). Again, to re-emphasize, in the 50's up to the 90's there have been millions of cases of abductions, sightings of "aliens", close encounters. Now that we all HD quality cameras in our back pockets, these have all miraculously dried up - demonstrating that millions of people, of all backgrounds, were lying, or believing something occurred that didn't.

    Galileo and SETI are the search for extra-terrestrial signals and have nothing to do with determining unidentified photos/footage.

    As for US congress - unsurprisingly there were few answers, and it was wandering into a bizarre area.

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    If you believe the evidence in the post you quoted is so strong that it goes without saying, then there could not be an equal weight of contradictory evidence.

    Definition of 'it goes without saying'

    it goes without saying

    said to mean that something is so obvious that it does not need to be said or explained

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    What evidence is there that the original photo was suppressed?

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    I was afraid you were going to go for correlation means causality with cameras. That’s a leap I doubt you would make elsewhere.

    Galileo Project has two goals and you have left out the first. Here it is:

    “To examine the possibility of extraterrestrial origin for unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), by making observations of objects in and near Earth’s atmosphere, filtering out identifiable objects using AI deep learning algorithms trained on rigorous classification of known objects, and then examining the nature of the remaining data for anomalous characteristics.”

    This is not just looking for “signals”.

    The Congress got answers even on what it looked at so far. Out of 144 military sightings 143 could not be explained. It has turned up the heat considerably since.

    The most important gain so far I would hope is that the derision is over, the glib dismissiveness is over; both are founded on a presumption of knowledge. I can say I don’t know and that you don’t either.

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    Can't wait for Avi Loebs super telescopes to get more pictures of flying pyramids.

  • Registered Users Posts: 15,597 ✭✭✭✭nullzero

    Whatever the truth is here, there are people who are entrenched in their views on these topics who will never accept any evidence that contradicts their position on the topic.

    Glazers Out!

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    This is a very good question and you will note that I said “suppressed” not classified. The photo has not been seen in public since shortly after its production. The newspaper who received it never published it. I think “suppressed” is justified. The document trail apparently does not support “classified”.

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    You say suppression, I say indifference.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,205 ✭✭✭✭Dohnjoe

    When we had limited access to weak film cameras/video cameras, there were a vast amount of "encounters" allegedly being reported. Now that we all have instant access to high quality cameras/video these encounters have almost entirely stopped.

    Likewise, every piece of footage or photograph happens to be unclear. 100% of them. That's approaching statistical impossibility. If we are having encounters with "aliens", are they just flying out of focus in every single instance someone has a camera/video camera? No, because many describe close encounters, slow moving objects, objects hovering.

    It's a bunch of unclear footage of unidentified stuff. Likely unidentified because the footage isn't clear.

    It's not like there's a bunch of saucers flying around "just out of focus" for 75 years. That's wishful thinking, which unfortunately becomes part of the equation for some people. And why not? It's exciting. Sadly it's just not logical.

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    defense tech experiment mixing 90's vtol and early stage stealth tech.

    a harrier with a plywood and tinfoil halloween costume.