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How to find folio number? what appears to be an abandoned property?

  • 08-08-2022 4:53pm
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    So Ive been looking a specific area and recently a house sold for a fair price but I missed my chance. I then noticed there was a property that appears to be abandoned for quite some time (looking at Google Maps). But I checked the land registry website and there is no folio number. How would I go about getting a folio number and in turn in contact with the owner so perhaps I could make them an offer. Any advice would be helpful, it just seems like too good an opportunity to try to make an offer


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    If it has no folio number you will have to buy the property and apply for first registration to get a folio number.

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    Did you ask any of the neighbours? They may be able to tell you who owns it.

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    If it has no folio number it means it's an unregistered title. The details of the transaction would be registered in the registry of deeds this system is totally different to Land registry. It registers the existence of the Deed rather than the property itself. Unless you know what you were doing it's almost impossible to find. The transaction would be registered under the grantors name i.e the person who sold it to the current owner !

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    The o/p is looking for a folio number so he can find the owner. The only way he will get a folio number is by buying it and registering it before someone else does. Since he doesn't know who owns it in the first place this thread is nonsensical.

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    Hypotactically, if there is a house that is abandoned and the owner died without relatives and the house has sat there for 30 years what happens to it?

    Can somebody locate the Deeds and claim ownership via adverse possession?

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    As far as Im aware if there is no heir to an estate found the estate goes to the government after a number of years.

    As regards this property the starting point is to ask some of the neighbours. They probably will be able to tell who the owner is, if the property is in dispute or if it is unclaimed. Neighbours usually know exactly what the story is regards derelict properties.

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    When the owner dies and there is no will the property devolves to the president of the High Court. If no heir can be identified the Minister for Finance will sell the property at auction. In order for this to happen the Chief State Solicitor has to become aware that there is a property and no known relative of the last owner is known. The Chief State Solicitor will advertise for potential relatives and only if no one comes forward will the state sell the property. To succeed in a claim for adverse possession someone must have occupied the property for 12 years to bar a claim by the estate or 30 years in the case of a claim by the minister.