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Sabina Higgins Letter to Irish Times calling for ceasefire on Ukraine

  • 29-07-2022 6:15pm
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    Discussion on Newstalk now about this.

    Overall she seems to be suggesting Ukraine should cut their losses and look to keep whatever they can at this stage.

    “While Higgins didn’t directly endorse Moscow’s view of events, she did place equal responsibility for ending the war on the shoulders of the Russian and Ukrainian presidents, Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy. She also lauded a University College Cork historian’s assessment that NATO is “pouring arms into a losing battle” and that Ukraine should agree to surrender territory seized by Russia.”

    Although I don’t agree with her, mainly because at this point I wouldn’t trust a deal with Putin, She’s still entitled to her opinion.

    But as the President’s wife, it seems a bit out of place to be making the comments on such a hot topic. Especially given the death and destruction that Russia has brought to Ukraine. Or since she has no official state role, is she free to say whatever she wants? I think I prefer the previous precedent where Presidents husbands and wives didn’t opine on these topics.

    full letter here, unless stopped by paywall:

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    Would need to see the letter.

    The politico article is all over the shop and sports a headline as clicky batey as one can muster.

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    Who the Hollis she speaking on behalf of - definitely not me. Did someone do a survey on what the Irish think about the war in Ukr and she is basing her letter on that. She certainly is not singing to the same tune as the Irish Gov. No matter what she does she cannot once remove herself from being the wife of the president of the Irish state - there is a kind of a conflict of interest involved here. Look at what happened to that senior An Bord Planala employee who’s brother got planning permission for a development . He apparently did not know that the application was from a close relative of his - yet this caused him ‘to walk’. There might be more to this but the principal still stamds

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    and drinking like a queen may also cloud one’s judgement.

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    Absolutely you are. Why not write that into the Irish Times.

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    I don't have a subscription, I wouldn't be able to read it.

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    I'm imaging Bishop Brennan saying that

    Maybe she should do an article for Vogue next

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