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Is pimping alive and well in Ireland?

  • 28-07-2022 5:08pm
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    There used to be a hooker-house in my apartment building.

    I always assumed it was legit, just unlicensed. As in, some cool people making a living in a way frowned upon by a conservative society; really, no harm no foul.

    Check this out.

    I'll give the dude this if nothing else; if you looked up "pimp" in the pictionary, this is a vaguely accurate depiction of what you'd expect to see.

    He's a cool looking bruh.

    Or, was a cool looking bruh.

    He's not anything any more, according to that article he sleeps with the fishes.

    Kind of weird though, all that time the hooker-house was operating a couple doors down from me I used to think, "just folk making a living", but for all I know, this dude or one of the other nine "bro's" listed in that article (apparently awaiting extradition) could have been waiting inside with hacksaws and ice picks.

    Kind of creepy.


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