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  • 04-07-2022 1:40pm
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    Given he is widely seen as the best manager in the history of hurling, why was there a question mark about him being the best man for the Kilkenny job this year?


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  • Registered Users Posts: 17,591 ✭✭✭✭ Brendan Bendar

    There’s a glitch in boards lads

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    Some people within the county believed (and some still do) that the modern game had passed him by and that Kilkenny's continued use of the long ball was evidence of this. Allied to this is the fact that Cody is ruthless. This was fine when he was winning titles left, right and centre but there were plenty of fellas waiting in the long grass to have a cut off him as soon as a chink or two appeared in the armour.

    Personally I'm delighted for the man. He's given more than most to Kilkenny GAA. I only hope that if KK do win it he retires and goes out on a high.

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    Because its about 7 years since KK won an AI, so his recent record is not that great. A defeat next week and the same questions will be asked.

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    That's the perfect answer to the question asked.

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    A total outsider here, so haven't a notion what the dynamics in the county are like.

    But it would seem to me very strange to suggest his methods weren't working, given they won a Leinster title last year and very narrowly missed out on an All Ireland place. With the players they had, that to me looked like a fairly good season. Is there really a feeling in the county that they should have won more All Irelands since 2015, or is it more of a case of being fed up with Cody's personality? It seemed he got a bit of stick within the county again after the Leinster final this year, even though they won. As a Clareman I can say we wouldn't care less who our manager did or didn't shake hands with if we won a Munster final.

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    There was a change in style of the Kilkenny play in the Leinster Final. Therefore I doubt that there was much, if any, stick after that match.

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    Kilkenny have experimented with the 'through the lines' game before and when pressure came on they reverted to the long ball. Some of their regular weaknesses were in evidence again occasionally on Saturday such as Murphy pucking out over the sideline and Paddy Deegan giving possession to the opposition. It will be interesting to see if that tendency towards reliance on the long ball will resurface under stress in the final.

    Very difficult to have any kind if reasoned debate on Cody as there's always an over-reaction to the latest results. After the Wexford defeat there were Kilkenny people looking for him to be replaced immediately mid-championship. Now it's like.........."why was he ever questioned?", which is also an extreme reaction. He was questioned for legitimate reasons. Has he really answered the questions in enough games for them to go away? Probably not yet, though winning silences discontent temporarily.

    But lose the final, especially if it's comprehensive, and you are back to square one with an ageing old-fashioned manager who managed to lose to three counties in one championship; TJ Reid, P.Walsh, W.Walsh, R.Hogan nearing the end; criticisms of R.Reid, P.Deegan, etc. surfacing again. Fickleness works both ways.

    This is probably a conversation best had in two weeks.

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    On the one hand, I don't think that there is anyone else who could get as much effort and willingness from players to put their body on the line. He gets criticism however for persisting in playing high ball into forwards when they are outnumbered by backs. Previously, we had Richie Power, Eoin Larkin, Henry, Eddie Brennan, TJ, Martin Comerford who were all outstanding under high balls. We don't have the same quality of forwards now

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