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American Airlines trying avoid comp for flight cancellation

  • 03-07-2022 1:28pm
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    So our outbound AA flight that was bought as part of a package from Cassidy Travel (who have been useless) was a cancelled.

    When we called the airline they said they couldn't put us on the next days flight so we we had to go 2 days later (48 hours).

    This happened back in February and after submitting a claim under EU law for a 48 hour delay caused by the cancellation they have now said we are not eligible as it was for weather reasons.

    We've done some research and AA cancelled other Dublin departing flights earlier in the week. Other airlines also flew the US routes without issue.

    The sceptic in me says that AA cancelled flights to consolidate them and call the reason weather which means they are not liable.

    Didn't want to use one of the claim companies as they charge a big fee but at this point its worth a shot as we can't get any compensation from the airline.

    Anyone else been in this situation?


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    Are Lingus have done this a bit in the past with NY to SNN flights...this is going back 3 years...unless the flight was pretty full it gets cancelled and then your stuck in NY for an additional day or's beyond a disgrace...

    We managed to get sorted with another airline via the aer Lingus after 6 attempts ...

    But 2 people who my OH got stuck in NY for 2 additional days, and still trying to get their money back from the hotels etc

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    The Consumer and Competition Agency has some useful info which might be of use

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    Thanks, already looked and their advice is a bit blurry as technically the airline don't need to compensate when weather is to blame

    Clearly the airlines know this so use that excuse whenever they can which is what looks like has happened in our case. (the aviation regulator) has similar poor advice. Sure even an article on the Irish times giving consumet advice over the weekend didn't cover weather related delays.

    Seems the airline doesn't need to justify their weather reasoning?

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    Raise a complaint with the regulator.