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Suspected case of Foot and Mouth in UK with rapid diversion into Agribusiness policies and politics.



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    It was done voluntarily. Marts, livestock and equestrian shows, football, rugby matches etc were cancelled and the movement of livestock was severely restricted. There was a more recent outbreak in 2007 in the UK and it was caused by contaminated effluent leaking from a laboratory. That outbreak was contained very quickly.

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    Hopefully its contained. Very different public perception of livestock farming in this cuntry now.

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    Will it be the excuse the cartel are looking for to pull beef prices further

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    Because it’s about news rather than truth or facts.

    headlines sell not content. Once you click the headline they’re winning.

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    To be fair it if it was positive and they didn’t say anything there would be outrage

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    Funny kind of 'cartel' that has been increasing prices consistently for the last 12 months plus!

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    Good loser are u a factory rep by any chance cause u sound exactly like ours

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    And funny European and British retail price scarcely moved.

    The cartel indeed lost their grip in the last few months (uk beef price grain prices and all input costs directly affecting their own contracted cattle, and independent factories and uk buyers making the difference in the marts).

    The last fortnight shows they haven’t fallen out. The mart trade is going to be all to keep them bringing us back to the gutter.

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    Same crowd doing thier best to pull prices the last 2 weeks but are hitting resistance

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    Weak sellers'll be more common from now on too. A friend finally told an agent in the spring to ''buy the cattle at any price'' and will be taking what he gets in November.

    And there's plenty of those around from now on

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    Maybe not, Maybe just someone living in the real world.

    Talk of conspiracy is a bit childish, more power to them if there's enough soft sellers to do it.

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    Ah I wouldn't say so. Many lads around here are playing hard with agents and refusing to be railroaded. In fairness most lads know what they have

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    The largest beef finisher I know was being a hard seller with the last of shed cattle. Hitting mid June they are going “stale”. Being feedlot status mans he had to sell to processing industry that were all pulling in tandem.

    “Low margin high output business” “soft sellers” and “build your own factory” this is the real world. 😆

    Abp sponsoring macra/ifa/fine Gael/IFJ would suggest those with heads in troughs don’t have my interests at heart and shouldn’t be listened to.

    Remember big Phil pushing a deal with Brazil. German cars for Brazilian beef? Yet pages and pages of condolence letters obituaries in the ifj for the demise of the big belligerent arrogant hoor because of the “Brexit” and all the great things he was doing negotiations.

    Brexit “coming” the ifa said justified a beef price of little with €3.00 a kg. Yet it’s arrival without big phil never seen less than €4.

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    Are you that sad that you're using IFAs arguments to get compensation for farmers (which actually succeeded in fairness) against them now.

    And then more saddos claimed the factories got the compensation even though it came into the farmers postboxes.

    How do you lobby for compensation only warn of the worst case scenarios, I doubt if anyone sent back their compensation, whinge or what

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    The “compensation” for gross industry profiteering was an embarrassment and a pittance.

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    No different than BPS then, you must be getting used to it now or do you claim any subsidies

    Was any sent back,

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    12 million of the 70 million claimed was recouped due to the stupid nitrates clause. Government secured 100 million that could of been spent on terminally ill children, spine operations, mental health services, a lot of good use yet we are to applaud Phil hogan and the ifa for “winning it” to compensate farmers while Goodmans ABP alone netted post tax of 170 million after their own unknown family director pay and corporate expense (dining,entertainment, travel, accommodation and all miscellany that the super rich have at their disposal). Dawn meats 190 million in the same period.

    beef has risen 55% and processing costs also have to have hiked considerably yet consumer price has risen minutely. And they are still in profit. Well done for supporting them pre Brexit in that difficult time for them 👏

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    Many millions of euros have been got for farmers in the face of more deserving causes, However with the waste in the health services I certainly wouldn't consider that more deserving

    Fair dues to anyone that runs a successful business in these times, My local processor that started in the 70s ,in a little shop where I now get my haircut, has a substantial factory now on a 100acre farm that he bought himself and a mansion of a house and he can now relax with a business for his two sons to take over.

    It's there for anyone to do similar

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    My point is that to be begrudging of succesful people is unfair, it takes a lot of work in this country to get anywhere.

    The guy in my example started by training as a butcher, and not from a wealthy family........

    You could say now that dairy farmers are profiteering, yet it's happening

    Local dairy farmer (1500 cows ) can't get labour, I wonder why

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    Average dairy herd is about 90 cows. So it's not very indicative to take an outlier of 1500 head.

    Average tillage farm is just a bit over 100 acres as far as I know.

    The analogy would be me pointing out a fella who has 1700 acres in tillage and using him as some kind of measure of tillage farmers.

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    i supported every protest so it's only since I've left IFA that I got away from the begrudgery by farmers.

    Even though I physically supported the protests my thoughts were the same as they are now, I never agreed with them. they were a hiding to nothing.

    I resigned from the livestock commitee when the protests started and resigned from County Chairman ten years later for the same reason. It was an idiots game.

    Farmers knew that too but when they had someone foolish enough to put in the work, they took advantage.

    So any inference that IFA thought as I did is BS, seeing as I had to step down to get away from the rubbish.

    One thing that Beef Plan did was prove me right

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    The point I was making on teh 1500 cows was that if they paid enough they'd get help, farmers are no different than Goodman when they get the opportunity

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    Your analogy is only valid if working on that dairy farm is the only option for employment within a 50 mile radius of that location.

    If the worker can get a handier/better-paid job, then they will do that. That might be why the farmer has difficulty. If Larry dropped his price in the morning and said it would stay dropped for the next 6 months, his factory wouldn't be empty because lads have no other option. They can get out of beef but they have to get rid of what they have

    The workers' pay and conditions are also somewhat protected by statute.