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Neighbours extension

  • 19-06-2022 10:26pm
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    My neighbour is having an extension built. We're joined to them as part of a 3 bed semi.

    To plaster the external wall that's on my side their builders are going to have to use my garden for access. The wall is very close to the border line so they'll need to temporarily take out some wooden fencing and they'll be standing on my decking while doing a lot of the plastering.

    If one of them had an accident whilst on my property am I liable? If anything belonging to me got damaged by them while doing the works is that my own problem.

    Have had a few very bad experiences myself with tradesmen in the past so I want to make sure I'm not leaving myself open to any issues this time around. Also, my neighbour has already told me that they've broken things in their house and are not very considerate or careful.

    Any advice on would be appreciated.


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    Also, my neighbour has already told me that they've broken things in their house and are not very considerate or careful.

    Nope just way would I be letting them onto my property after he admitting that.

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    Your neighbour is liable for any damage to your property in this case.

    However I would be making sure their builder has full insurance and would be looking to see proof of it.

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    You need to have an agreement with your neighbour about how these works will be carried out.

    Covering up the decking and all the ground where they are plastering will be important.

    Plastering is a messy trade and you know you are dealing with inconsiderate and careless workers.

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    So you have to allow acess to your property where they are carring out works to the boundary. This is now in the 2009 conveyancing act. However you can demand to see thier insurance covers this. If they dont have insurance you can refuse access

    If you dont allow acess how is neighbour going render outside wall? Be very un neighbourly to stop them.

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    Talk to your neighbour, have him/her tell them youre an awful wagon ...

    Do check their insurance , while they're there before they start photo or video everything,including their van reg , get then to photo it ... Make sure you get to chat to the builder/ site foreman not just the plasterers, so everyone knows who looks after the clean up .. and what's expected


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    Markcheese, it's my partner's place and I've only recently moved in so they deal with her on it. I've already told her to blame me as I've been burned a few times before with builders.

    Gonna take pics and ask them to do likewise. Also, gonna be clear about what the expectations are before they start. Setting expectations after something is damaged is a non runner.

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    Have no intention of denying access. Just want to know who will be liable if somebody was to get injured on my side of the boundary.

    The neighbours have been pretty good to be fair to them and whilst their extension means we are now looking at a wall instead of fields with horses, we're not going to be awkward about it.

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    Elperello yeah sounds like agreement up front is the way to go. I was thinking the same re setting the expectation that the decking etc is all to be covered before they start. Our neighbour told us that he'd nearly prefer to do the plastering himself as he's afraid of the mess they're going to cause us! Hence the concern on my part.