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Building at present

  • 15-06-2022 3:57pm
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    I have need for a new sheep shed. There is talk of builders having cancellations and are going to be quiet at the back end of the year.

    I realise that the cost of everything is gone through the roof (pardon the pun).

    Will prices ever come back to where they were a couple of years ago? Is it as well to bite the bullet and go ahead?

    I’m thinking along the lines of 6 or 7 bay x 35 ft lean to off an existing shed with some walling and yard outside too.

    I don’t have any prices yet but would 30 to 40k put a dent in it?

    All input and replies appreciated.


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    Local concrete headman here was telling the ole lad, he priced a tank last spring plus groundworks completed job to floor level was 46k plus vat, farmer didnt go ahead, he rang the other week to tell him to fire away with job, thinking original quote stood, when the job was repriced it was coming too 93k plus vat....

    I'd hold off, brother has 3 lorries into a concrete factory here at bulk cement deliveries and work has dried up totally the past two weeks, high-prices cure high prices

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    I wouldn't necessarily agree with that 100%, the price of labour will definitely come down, one off jobs are not going ahead but there is still a big push on housing and the pharma/tech industry is flying construction wise.

    Materials is a different story, no matter how many jobs are cancelled materials are going to remain high, its a global shortage

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    I’d agree with the above.

    my advice to anyone thinking of building at the minute would be to go in stages at what they can afford . Maybe get tank and slats this year and see what next year brings.

    even in the recession of 2008, materials didn’t come back.

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    I'm not sure you're correct there, I know a few lads who got excellent value in tanks & sheds around 2016 to 2018 time frame so materials must have been after dropping those years.

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    Would anyone care to throw a stab at or got a price recently for a 7 bay x 40 ft lean to grafted onto a mirror image to make A roof.

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    i built my house from 2009 to 2011 and materials didn’t drop a bit. Labour though fell to the floor.

    but the thing is now we’ve just had significant increases in cost of materials, up 30-50% in some cases which wasn’t the case in 2008/09.

    do things ever come down once they go up…..? Hope I’m wrong.

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    No, businesses and people get used to the higher costs and they factor them in, the money is spent.

    It's like how a person on 30k can be getting by but on 90k they could still just be getting by.

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    Id say it could be locality dependent. If you need it the faster its up the faster you'll have the benefit of it. Best is prob try to find a few lads to get quotes off of and go from there, altho i do appreciate it can be hard to get them to give quotes if costs could mean it'll have to wait

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    a few factors were in play in them years;

    1. materials were reasonably priced
    2. labour was reasonably priced
    3. off farm incomes increased significantly in that period
    4. 40 & 60% grants softened a lot of the cost

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,686 ✭✭✭ jaymla627

    Where are you pulling 30-50% from your talking a minimum of 150% on cladding/slats/steel compared to early 2020 prices, its off the wall the cost increases and with intrest rates going up wholesale the cost of servicing the debt on any new investments going forward will be quiet considerable compared to what was the status-quo, where you could reasonable except when expanding that a budget of 3000-5000 a cow would be ballpark when upping numbers and new parlours etc, you'd be lucky to get away with 7k a cow present day and if you go the merry go round route, you'd be talking children hospitals budget overruns

  • Registered Users Posts: 494 ✭✭ staples7

    Finishing a greenfield parlour and yard at present. Will work our at 3.5k per cow before tams or VAT. That’s with no labour input by ourselves and with grant spec materials, tanks etc. shed is oversized for expansion. Started last autumn so perhaps some prices increases were avoided but others not

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    Building prices did not drop in 2008/9. However from 2010 on everything dropped considerably. On the farming front you had the huge environmental grant scheme was it 2+ billion of agri sheds went up that time. As well building was still going on as a lot of builder developers were keeping crews together as they considered it a blip. In the last 12-18 months labour has absolutely rocketed.

    I did a tank and shed in 2008/9 concrete was costing 85-90/ cubic meter. By 2013/14 when I did another tank concrete was back at 68-70/ cubic meter. These were both +vat.

    Some lads that build at the very start or end of that environment scheme did ok, the lads in the middle got salted. I think I started May I got 16'6'' slats, beams and manholes for a four bay tank for 10-11k inc vat. Within 6 months the same slats were 30%+ more. There years later I bought slats for 50-60% of the price.

    It's hard to know what will happen at present. Energy is gone expensive so inflation will be here for a while I think. Inputs have stretched to the limit however and there is a limit to the ability of people to pay. I know of a job that got cancelled, but he is reapplying for grant again that has higher costings

    Slava Ukrainii

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    Things seem to have quietened on the farm front but civil are driving on.its funny but much long term investing on farms is based on short term sentiment,fellas got very wary when fertiliser prices jumped but as soon as the big checks from cattle/milk hit the account they will spend again. I know one fella that went from thinking of selling cows to buying them in 2 months

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    Not me, any spare cash goes in as extra repayment on of the biggest advantages of being in a company is there is none of this old"tax man is paying for half of it" either need it or you dont