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2 months and no reply from Intel

  • 15-06-2022 11:00am
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    I'm a qualified mechanic and applied for a graduate manufacturing position at Intel. On their site I applied for the 3 positions available (all basically the same, I just thought Id try all 3 and see). Also, a guy I worked with that went to Intel put me down as a recommendation. I received an email confirming I was recommended.

    On the site, the 3 applications all said "In Progress" which obviously means its still in the process of checking. But 2 weeks ago 2 of them said "Not Selected" and the 3rd one still says in progress. It's been 8 weeks and I haven't heard anything. Another guy at my work also applied and after 2 weeks they emailed him saying the positions are filled, however if position's are available he could be a fit.

    I'm just wondering why I havent received any emails or anything to confirm. The 2 that they said not selected I'm guessing is because all 3 are the same position and you cant be a candidate for 3 of the same positions at once, so they marked them as not selected, but one is still in progress and I haven't heard back regarding the recommendation.

    I was just wondering how long does it take to hear anything or is there a way to confirm? Because I'd rather know they aren't interested than sit and wait😄


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    Since they are graduate positions, the basic requirement would be to that you have a degree... as well as being a qualified mechanic do you have a relevant degree as well?

    'In Progress' could mean anything, but most likely it means that the position has not been filled yet, nothing more.

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    Hi Jim. No, a degree is not required if you have a trade certificate. It's only needed if you are not a qualified mechanic or electrician, which I am.

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    • "You must have an NFQ Certificate (Level 6) or Diploma/Ord Bachelors/Higher Certificate (Level 7) in either Mechanical, Electrical / Electronic, or completed a Trades Apprenticeship."
    • I see the jobs have become inactive on the site, so looks like they have frozen employment for the meantime. I read Intel is reviewing employment in all positions because of the economy.

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    I'm a mechanic, recently started work in intel.

    You need to apply for the "experienced manufacturing Technician" position.

    I had originally applied for the graduate one and heard nothing back.

    Although I believe they've stopped hiring at the min.

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