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Reference from present job?

  • 09-06-2022 8:06am
    Registered Users Posts: 324 ✭✭ lolokeogh

    Hi folks i applied for a job 3 weeks ago social care ,i done the first interview and progressed to second stage,i then got through that with great feed back, i now have applied for garda vetting for new job which is not an issues i have been vetted many times ,i have been asked for two references which is also ok but i have also been asked to provide a reference or ask for one from the job i am still in,sort of leaves me nervous as i would be assuming i have this new job? if i had not and i asked my current job for a reference i could well be rocking the boat? has anyone experience of this, is it normal for HR in some places to ask for this, anyway thanks in advance, any feed back would be of great help


  • Registered Users Posts: 927 ✭✭✭ mistress_gi

    Before accepting an offer it would be little risky to contact HR, in my opinion.

    In the past I've always asked a reference from my direct line manager or team leader.

    Good luck with it!

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    That seems very strange that they would ask you for a reference from the place you work at presently.

    The first your current employer should be hearing of your intentions is when you hand in your notice, not that you need their help with the interview process to leave them. I have always given references from previous employers to my current role anytime I have moved. I definitely wouldn't put myself in that position, unfair of them to ask you this I think.

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    It does seem odd OP and puts you in a tricky position with your current employer but how you over come this request, I'm unsure.

    If potential new employer is adament on this requirement, my thoughts are try the following.

    I previously didn't some Voluntary work and required garda vetting. I approached my then employer and explained I'm doing some voluntary work and require a reference from current employer, simple info required, status of employment, length of service and character ref etc, not a problem and whilst I not looking for a new Job, there was no need for me to mention if I was looking for new employment to my then current employer, purely seeking a character style reference whilst confirming I was in employment 🤔

    Just an idea you might consider, good luck 😉

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

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    Unfortunately it's quite normal to ask for this in the public sector and healthcare. Not a lot you can do except suck it up and ask the employer.