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Help me decide on what job to take

  • 28-05-2022 12:06am
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    I'm currently on contract with a few weeks left. I'm panicking as I need a job to pay rent, bills and food. I'd even take a minimum wage job as I can just about survive but won't be able to afford anything fancy.

    I have had two interviews this week and waiting to hear back. And I'm just thinking of what to do if I get offered work.

    Both jobs has got the same pay of €11 euro an hour, which isn't a whole lot.

    One job requires me to be available for different shifts, morning, afternoon, evenings, weekends and bank holidays. With this job, it will be hard to take up a second part-time job if I need to because of the different shifts. But it is in a good company.

    The second job will have overtime involved, so it would be easier to get more money. I don't know anything more about the company but checking their Facebook page, they seem decent.

    With the cost of everything going up, I need money more than anything.


  • Moderators, Business & Finance Moderators Posts: 8,856 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Jim2007

    If there is overtime on offer it is closer to a sure thing than trying to find a second job…

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    Stay on the dole.

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    I'm not on the dole. And can you explain to me how I'm meant to survive on €208 a week please? My rent is €200 a week alone and won't get enough of a handout to help pay rent if I claim social welfare?. I done calculations for a minimum wage job and once I get rent paid and save €50 euro a week for electricity, I can probably just about manage on €130 a week for food/toiletries/bus/phone credit.

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    Take whichever job you get offered.

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    I'm after finishing my second interview. And I know more about the position. It is day shift hours. There might be overtime depending on the work.

    So even if there isn't overtime. I can take up extra work in the evenings. But what for? For extra money. But then my life.. which I won't be living with two jobs. But then I won't be living with one job either.

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    Could you look to do some online training or a course to build your skills? I know there are free courses that could maybe help long term for a better paid position? Is there an option to train and be promoted within either job? Best of luck OP, tough going.

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    Yes, there is an option for growth in the second job as the company is only expanding now. So that is something... And with day shift hours, I can maybe do an evening course as well.

    The first job is just a mix of everything that it will be hard to make any kind of plans for outside of work.

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    I might not even get any offer yet. But there's no harm in thinking things through, just in case.