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Air to Water Pumps - General use

  • 22-05-2022 10:22pm
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    Hey folks

    Recently moved into a house with an air to water pump , house has an a2 energry rating. I understand the basics behind the technology but I have a couple of queries I can't fully understand and hoped someone here could explain!

    We were told never to turn of the thermostats. Keep them on at a set temperature. But is increasing/decreasing the temperature based on how cold the house feels a big deal?

    Sometimes it feels too warm. So we open a window or two. But I'm afraid the system will kick in as the temperature is getting cooler inside and will try regulate, thus wasting energy. What's the solution?

    Our radiators don't feel warm, boederline cold including the towel racks in the bathrooms. We were told this is normal, there on a very low temperature to keep the overall temperature the same. How?!

    Thanks in advance:)


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    If it’s an A2 house I’d doubt the heating has been on for weeks. My house is A2, heating hasn’t been on since mid April. Thermostats are set at 21 degrees, it’s currently 23 in living areas and bedrooms about 22.

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    I moved into a house with A2W system about 6 months ago so only just getting used to it.

    During the winter I left the thermostats at the one setting and found the house was warm without the radiators ever feeling hot, they were just about warm to touch.

    I've the thermostats turned down now for the summer as I don't see the point in having the heating on, the maintenance guy in the state said it was fine to do this.

    It took a while to get used to not having "hot" radiators, and not to constantly adjusting the thermostats. Once left alone the system kept the house warm.

    Not sure if that helps, I've no idea about the technology

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    Our radiators are turned on along with thermostats. I assumed they were heating the house in the background and upping the temperature or decreasing would make a difference?

    You can sometimes see the fan outside working away

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    I leave my radiators on but the thermostats turned down, they should only start to heat the house when it's temperature goes down (so I am told).

    Its a new estate and I moved in later than most of my neighbours, apparently they were always adjusting the settings and ended up with v high bills.

    From my perspective I don't see why I would leave the thermostat on a higher setting for the summer, but maybe I'm wrong. I got 5 minutes with the company who fitted it, and the manual I was given was for installing the system, nothing about running it.