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  • 19-05-2022 7:14pm
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    Hi all, have a heifer I noticed about a month or so ago very lose, dosed her with levafas diamond and she seemed to dry up for a short while but it's running straight out of her again the past few days.

    She had begun to lose bit of weight and has that sunken in look to her now, I've also noticed she's starting ylto lose condition.

    Should I just send off a sample to see what the issue is?


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    What age is she

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    She'll be just turning 2yrs now

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    Get her tested for johnes

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    Thanks for that. Will be doing dung sample anyway.

    Have heard of johnes alright but don't know what it is. Can anyone explain what it is exactly?

    How is it tested for and is it contagious?

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  • It would have to be pure water for it to be johnes

    Normally they exhibit symptoms after 3 years. You could isolate her in the mean time while waiting on the test.

    Johnes infected animals would have a condition score of 1. They would have a very gaunt appearance

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    We test all animals over 2 for johnes annually. Some 2 year olds do test positive. Not all positive ones show symptoms and testing isn't 100% reliable. Scouring is one of the later symptoms