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The truth and lies of the Russia Ukraine war

  • 19-05-2022 2:58pm
    Registered Users Posts: 26 killlahhh

    This war has been going on for 8 years, the Donbass peoples militia have been holding off the ukrops for 8 years, before Russia invaded the US>UK>France were topping up the nazis in the azov battalion, these azov soldiers were upping the ante against the people of the Donbass, they have been filmed shooting people in the back, a person in the militia from the USA known as Texas has shown that some of the atrocities carried out by the azov battalion are being blamed on Russia.

    Russia are not innocent in all this, some of their soldiers have committed war crimes.

    the war is not the way the west are portraying it, theres the fog of war, what you see portrayed as Russian atrocities are actually the ukrops work, please look deeper.

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