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Property buying checklist

  • 19-05-2022 9:20am
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    Hi all, does anyone have a house/new build/apartment buying checklist they want to share?

    I was thinking about things like:

    1. Orientation (sunlight, esp. important for solar)
    2. Mica
    3. Pyrite
    4. Lead pipes
    5. Roof state/leaks
    6. Smart meter
    7. etc.

    We could collect this information into excel file and pin a link to it.




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    Neighbours? Nearby social houses?

    Parking for at least 2 cars.

    Is the area hooked up to broadband?

    Good public transport if applicable.

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    Because my budget at the time covered two choices - wrecks or 1 bed apartments (and I wasn't buying a 1 bed apartment), my checklist was

    1: Cable broadand. Now there's fibre options, actual fibre would be fine too (SIRO/NBI/Eir FTTH not "efibre")

    2: Gas available

    3: Not wooden windows. Wanted double glazed, had to settle for mostly aluminium single glazing but at least they didn't leak/have draughts

    That was after the house being actually habitable, of course. Although the smell - from dog piss soaked lino that was reefed out immediately - did call that in to question!

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    Extension Compliance

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    Thanks guys, that are some great points. I also found that some places I rented would have really substandard water pressure so I might add that to the list as well. I'll collate this info and add some links to it as well where more info can be found soon.

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    Management company fees

    Local schools

    Public transport links

    Future Local planning- viewed a house that had planning for massive road next to it.

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