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For Sale - Apollo 1240 Amiga 1200 Accelerator Card - *TESTED WORKING* - Up-gradable to 68060

  • 15-05-2022 12:53pm
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    For Sale - Tested Working Apollo 1240

    The story behind this card is as follows - I Was a very enthusiastic Amiga fan for a long time - always regret selling my 1200/030 system back in the day. Decided a number of years ago to rebuild a 1200 - purchased some parts and was planning it to be a long term project. Things changed, and my interests lie elsewhere - recently sold my 1200 parts - Waited to have a friend with a working 1200 test this card to confirm working order - he got back to me this week and confirmed - working perfectly!

    My intention was to refurb my stock 1200, and upgrade with this card for a A1240/040/8MB (i would have gotten a 32MB simm from somewhere - readily available)

    So about the card specifically

    • Its a vintage Apollo 1240 with an 68040 chip, and an 8MB SIMM - The chip has a fan - im sure Amiga aficionados remember that the 040 tended to run a bit hot so. Still an excellent chip of course, and CONSIDERABLY faster than a stock 020, or an 030
    • The card is known to suffer from battery leaks - however i can confirm to all, that on this front - everything is good - the battery is in the White container (top picture) - a quick google will show that when it leaks it sometimes takes the associated components with it - but in this case - all good! I would advise taking this off actually - but entirely up to the buyer - some people retro-fit a modern battery, others remove entirely, thereby losing the backup clock
    • this card CAN ACTUALLY BE UPGRADED - you can remove the 68040 (if you do, SELL IT!!! People buy 040s to use on more modern fabricated accelerator cards - and they readily sell for healthy prices) - anyway yes, you can remove the hot-running 040 - and replace with a cooler 68060 - and go full throttle on the fastest NON-PPC A1200 that was ever available! Plenty of guides available online for this
    • I believe the stock MAX MEMORY was 32MB but i have seen evidence online that by replacing Roms etc - you can beef this up further - never got full confirmation on this though so - obviously caution advised -

    This is a decent vintage card - they readily sell for 300+++ euro online, with shipping only adding to the cost - even battery damaged specimens are sought after for people to mod and refurb, but rest assured this WORKS, and is ready for use - perhaps you have a bigger SIMM too, - but as is you turn a 1200 into an A1200/040-8MB

    If i dont get any feedback i will probably sell elsewhere later in the week - but if anyone wants to discuss id be looking for 250

    Happy to chat/discuss - if its too pricey i totally get it - dont wanna get into any arguments on the price - we know from Ebay and other market places that these are excellent sought after pieces of computer history - that said, i am open to genuine offers - if i dont get any i will be putting on EBAY promptly but with shipping etc - it could be pricey so -

    If anyone prefers to do a deal on Adverts - we could always discuss here - and then complete the deal over on Adverts - just for your own peace of mind etc

    Chat soon i hope! Long Live Amiga

    Sic semper tyrannis - thus always to Tyrants

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