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Hello All, This is just a friendly reminder to read the Forum Charter where you wish to post before posting in it. :)

Arcade & Retro Marketplace Charter - READ ME FIRST!

  • 05-01-2015 4:27pm
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    Welcome to the Arcade & Retro Marketplace!

    Hello! Before using the Arcade & Retro Marketplace, please familiarize yourself with the Forums Rules below. Any Users\Posts that don't meet the rules as outlined will be removed.

    Forum Rules:

    Template Must be filled out for all Items for Sale\Trade\Free\Wanted.

    When posting please set the relevant prefix [FOR SALE], [FREE], [TRADE] or [WANTED] .


    ITEM: [What are you Selling\Trading\Giving Away\Looking For]
    POST\COLLECTION: [Do you post\Collection Only\Delivery\Meetup]
    PRICE: [Selling Price\Wanted- "Willing to Pay"\Free\Trade]
    PAYMENT METHODS: [Paypal\Cash\Postal Order\Bank Transfer]

    Followed by your own description and photos.

    If the template is not used, Your post will be deleted and you will be PM'd to re-create you post.

    You must have a post count of 50. Long time boards members with posts less than 50 contact a moderator before posting.

    Sellers must set an asking price in the template . Buyers can make offers, lower than or equal to that asking price. Offers higher than the asking price are not allowed.

    No off thread dealing via pm. All offers & discussion are to remain on-thread until the seller accepts an offer/price/Freebie Claim. Only then, may they engage a pm conversation to discuss collection/postage etc.


    If you send a pm without making an offer or before offer is accepted you will be banned.

    If you are PMd by a user who has not made an offer on thread or before you have accepted a users offer, you MUST report that PM to a moderator immediately. If you do not and enter into negotiations with a user via PM and moderators find out, you will be banned from the Marketplace without warning along with the sender.

    There will be zero tolerance regarding breaking this rule above. Do not PM before an offer is made and accepted. You will be banned.

    First regular in line with an acceptable offer, has priority.

    However, sellers can exercise discretion towards who they conduct sales with - this is a forum for Arcade & Retro forum regulars after all. Feel free to join in the main forum and contribute, show your collection, get involved, etc. We don't take kindly to resellers availing of our community prices here, and turning them into an opportunity to make profit, so don't get upset if a seller chooses not to conduct a sale with you.

    No thread spoiling.

    Any sales that take place are between you & the seller, & is a private sale. As such, if items are broken/defective/lost in post etc, this is a matter between you & the seller. is not a third party, & there is no onus on to intervene in any disputes. Any disputes between buyer & seller are to happen via pm, & not on thread.

    No Shops\Businesses selling Items, use adverts in these cases. Private User sales only please.

    Ads with no activity in 1 month or more will be automatically archived.

    Sellers constantly found to be backing out of previously agreed deals will be asked not to participate in the forum.

    Retro gaming & arcade items only. No vintage toasters, current gen games or consoles.

    Whats classed as "Retro" is debatable, but on Arcade and Retro Marketplace its any system that is no longer producing new titles. Including Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii and systems that came before them.

    Absolutely no selling of consoles, Carts or Flash cards with Illegal Roms.

    General Rules:

    No flaming, baiting or trolling
    All posts should be constructive,relevant & on topic
    No personal abuse of any kind
    Be courteous & civil at all times

    A Mod decision is final, if you disagree with a decision feel free to take it to the pm level.

    If you've been banned & have discussed the ban with the forum mod and you're not happy with the outcome, there is a Dispute Resolution Procedure you can follow. Don't argue with a mod on thread.

    This charter is likely to change as the forum evolves, please check back regularly. By using this forum, you are agreeing that you are happy with the above terms. That's it folks, happy gaming!
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