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Cutting trees along side road

  • 14-05-2022 10:43am
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    Have a stretch of road that has trees lying out across it, they are up a high stone ditch with not much holding them only roots at the back. The land is about 12 ft above the road so the trees are the same. Over the past couple of winters with high winds some have fallen but thankfully caused no damage. The land is quite wet so it doesn't suit to cut them during the winter. A tractor or loader or something similar would be needed in the field to pull them back in after being cut as they are all lying across the road. Can these trees be cut now when the land is dry as they are considered dangerous (in my eyes anyway and of other road users).


  • Registered Users Posts: 845 ✭✭✭ The Nutty M

    Apply to the council and see what they say, probably unlikely they will let you take them down but the back end of the year will hopefully be dry. The easiest and safest way is a tree shears. Can't recommend one enough on how easy it can take trees out.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,359 ✭✭✭ embraer170

    Bird nesting season ends on 31 August, so it should still be dry at that point.

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    I think if you point to the fact that they are a danger to the road there be no problem removing if you can confirm no nests...

    I am assuming these are proper trees where nests are clearly visable...

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    Check trees for nests and relocate to a safe tree just before cutting.

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    Watch out hatchets not about

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