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I am an alcoholic

  • 09-05-2022 12:17pm
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    I've been sober for over a week due to a health scare and have no plans to relapse, but I'm having a rough couple of days and not experiencing the benefits yet. I still have all the stress and anxiety while I'm working here and have no outlet, no friend to talk to.

    I know this is a common situation for recovering alcoholics to find themselves alone with it all so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips to help. I've tried counselling in the last year and while it helped to an extent, I found 1 session per fortnight to do more harm than good.

    My drinking was at an all time out of control, so maybe I just need to be patient to reap the benefits. It's just tough because I don't think I should be working right now while I'm trying to process all the stress. Also I gave up cigarettes and came off strong anti depressants after taking them for just 3 days under doctor's orders, so maybe I'm just experiencing a triple whammy withdrawal.


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    Well done. My advice would be to get yourself to an AA meeting. You will find there people who have all been where you are now.

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    Well done!

    Definitely check out the non drinkers forum here. Loads of people over there ready to support, understand what you are going through.

    Talk to your doctor also

    Good luck!

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    The best thing is you've admitted you've a problem. Go gentle on yourself and time off with stress could be a good idea.

    Your GP would understand, you could tell them you went mad on the sauce and need time out for recovery.

    If you've health insurance it might get you into a good treatment center.

    It's worth it, because they'll help you settle into a sober lifestyle and you'll get the best help possible.

    AA doesn't work for everyone, there's also lifering which is about building confidence and getting on with a sober lifestyle.

    AA is very old school and it's questionably full of contradictions and bases your sobriety on being a failure, powerless for the rest of your life and you'll be forever thinking you have to do as they say.... but it works for some people who need guidance. I'm not knocking it, but there's different recovery groups.

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    Was your GP aware of your alcohol intake too? Because it can be quite dangerous to stop drinking cold turkey if you were an extremely heavy drinker, you may need to do a chemical detox. The anxiety, etc is also likely a side effect of the withdrawal. Something like Librium will manage both that and the physical effects of alcohol withdrawal. Ring your GP, speak to them and be honest about how much you were drinking and for how long.

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    Switch to a less damaging addiction maybe. I play a video game to take the edge off. I just stick to one game at a time and only a few hours per week. There are some very relaxing ones. And choose an offline, single player, non competitive one. This last point is important.

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    I would tackle one thing at a time the withdrawal from the smokes and the pills cant be a barrel of laughs

    focus on getting past the drink then get rid of the smokes

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    One is likely a trigger for the other, when i quit the smokes after reading Allen Carr's famous "Easyway.." book, I had to quit drink, cigs and coffee and crisps as they all were associated with smoking in my brain. Hardest damn thing i ever did but over ten years later I'm firmly an ex-smoker. Took me six weeks IIRC before I was confident that I had broken the cycle.

    Can only wish you the best of luck OP, if you can beat the fags, you'll likely help kill the cravings for the drink too hopefully.

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    Yeah I accept I haven't been completely honest about it but I think he knows, I'm a wreck who can barely talk every time I see him.

    True enough but last 2 days have been better, so I think I'm coming out of the worst of it for now. Mind you I'm still having these mad vivid dreams from the antidepressants. Pretty crazy given I was only taking them for 3 days, last one Friday. Dunno how people can stick it, they were simply awful for me. All the power to the world to the people who have no choice but to take them.

    Thanks for the support all.

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    Well done on getting to where you are now, and also for recognising that something has got to give. That is HUGE.

    In addition to the resources mentioned above, there are lots of online communities where you could be interacting with likeminded people all day every day on Facebook or specific apps that they have. Have you heard of One Year No Beer? They do challenges where you sign up say for a 30 day alcohol free challenge and then have support in the form of daily videos, regular live sessions and the Facebook community. I don't work for them or anything! It's just one example of a really active community. Another one is The Naked Mind community. They do a thing called the Alcohol Experiment which is similar, and free.

    There are lots of podcasts and "quit lit" books that you could be listening to to help stay focused and inspired to keep off it in between sessions with the therapist.

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    Try and stay with family or friends now even for a week or two. Can be difficult to call if you need urgent help if in the throws of withdrawal. Also severe DTs can result in loss of touch with reality and worse. Its the weekend. Go to out of hours gp today. There will be physical signs if you are in danger of severe DTs and a script for some detox meds can literaly be a lifesaver.

    Also don,t be the guy who has multiple relapses. Do it properly now and hopefully do it just once, and best of luck.

    Sorry op. Didnt see your subsequent message that you are over the worst. Great news. Will leave the post up for others in the same situation

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    Well done keep it going you have taken the hardest steps.