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Fuses - Grid Tied DIY 280AH 16s

  • 28-04-2022 11:28am
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    So my current setup is as follows.

    Battery -> T Class Fuse -> BMS -> DC Breaker -> Hybrid Inverter

    I've noticed today that the DC Breaker is starting to discolor on one of the 4 terminals and the cable has actually melted a bit. All disconnected now. This DC breaker is a TOMZ brand that I now don't trust so wouldn't replace it with the same again. My question is, do I need this second breaker after my T Class Fuse or is it pointless anyway?


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    Missed a part out.

    Battery -> T Class Fuse -> BMS -> Andersen Connection -> DC Breaker -> Hybrid Inverter

    My concern was a short circuit or failure after the BMS and whether the T Class Fuse would see the fault as it has the BMS in the way?

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    Are you sure you need fuse and breaker? When installing the likes of the pylons/dyness batteries it is one or the other.

    I have this for my Dyness batteries:

    Solartricity and midsummer have it.

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    That's what I don't know. I'm thinking I don't as I have the T Class fuse already but I put it in any way as I wasn't sure. Hopefully, someone will be able to give a definitive answer.

    I had a very similar setup but with the TOMZN breaker but that is clearly not good quality! I would go with that ProJoy but not in stock until June!

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    Just make sure to use the bootlace ferrules as well and crimp them instead of leaving the loose strands of the cables.

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    Hi, can I ask where you sourced the Class T fuse?

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