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New Development - Aderrig by Quintain in Adamstown, Lucan


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    Did anyone bought house in Aderrig development. I went to just have a look around the location found that there were few house already build and sold out. I saw people living there.

    As per the website and sales person this is first phase of Aderrig to be released in Feb end 2023. So I am confused whether there was small set houses released in 2022.

    If someone have bought house in Aderrig then I would like to know prices for 3-bed and size of it.

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    The vast majority of estates in Adamstown were sold of plans. Most of Aderrig was built first. They were bought by REITS and are rented out at crazy money....€2.6k for a 3 bedroom and €2.8k for a 4 bedroom house (they all are furnished with the same sofas, lights, tables etc....I believe they finally start to sell houses in this development but aren't really advertised (unlike the Tandy's Lane development around the corner).

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    Is there no interest in this launch? I cannot find an active thread for adderig!

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    Just got an email now rgds Aderrig where saying 3 beds from 450k & 4 beds from 540k...launching now in March, & they'll be in touch with more details!

    Now let's see how do we get on here!

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    Good evening All. I got an appointment for the Aderrig home launch on March 4th, but when I got there on Saturday, I was shocked. It seems they gave appointments to 4 people every five minutes, and there were hundreds of people. I talked with some people there and noticed that Sherry FitzGerald wasn't emailing everyone at the same time for an appointment. I am just curious, could you please share the screenshot of the appointment email if you received it? (please include time info too)

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    The same happened to me. I was shocked when I got there and saw hundreds of people.

    i got the email at 12.58pm and click to confirm the appointment straight away, however, my appointment was for 12pm. So unfair they sending the email in different times and yet giving hundreds of appointments.

    hopefully for phase 2 they manage it in a more fair way.

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    Don't know why Tandy's Lane did not sell easily and Aderrig is selling like there is no tomorrow , location wise Tandy's lane was better for sure

    I am guessing its the <500k houses that have the queues , above HTB limit houses are still available

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    In Aderrig, the houses were more affordable. Almost all homes were eligible for the Help to Buy and First Home Scheme. On Tandy's Lane, house prices were high, and many houses were not HTB and FHS eligible. They should have been able to anticipate this demand and organize the event more professionally.

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    What time did you receive the email to get an appointment?

    I heard the phase 2 will be launch around the summer.

    Tandy’s Lane seems to be in a more crowded area compared to Aderrig. Especially now that The Crossing is about to be launch with shops/supermarkets just in the corner.

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    I got the email at 12.50 pm. Phase 2 is going to be launch around July.

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    Said May.

    How can we secure a house in these circumstances? No one seems to be booking without appointment off floor plans?

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    any updates?

  • Registered Users Posts: 83 ✭✭ questions007

    Is there a whatsapp group?

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    There is - for people who reserved a house… the link is in the facebook group for aderrig residents.

  • Registered Users Posts: 83 ✭✭ questions007

    Which one? I can see many, and I did reserve one. Thanks.

  • Registered Users Posts: 11 DiscoReaper

    Just as a heads-up to anyone buying from Quintain, we have had several post purchase issues, and their "aftercare" has been horrendous!

    We Bought in Somerton

    Every issue we have raised has been dismissed, the have tried to tell us we are out of warranty and we haven't even been in the house 12 months yet.

    If you enjoy a nice garden, make sure you insist on good soil in the garden as our gardens had sub-soil instead of topsoil, the tried to make excuses in their homeowner handbook, but reality is the soil was of poor quality, the refuse to replace it and we're left with yellow patchy grass because of cost skimping by them

    in summary ... be wary of Quintain, they are genuinely the worst developers I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with, selling a sub-standard product for premium prices and then shirking off warranty issues at every chance, one neighbour even had an electrical fire caused by loose connection in a house 15month old ..... and you've guessed it ... " out of warranty, and due to wear n tear " these people need jail!

    Ensure you get yourself a good snagger too, we can recommend the guy we used and he lives in the Lucan area