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NCT Fail - Primary Structure Corrosion

  • 22-04-2022 2:10pm
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    Hi all,

    Just a quick one. Failed NCT (again!) and this time for a very small rust hole on the outside of driver sill (non-structural).

    Does this need to be "cut out" or can a plate simply be put over it to "hide it".

    Only had a lot of work done on it in November for what it failed on (tie bars, rods, etc) so eager to get this solved quickly (Free visual restest).

    For reference, 1998 BMW Z3



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    Just a heads up - if it's not bolted on,it's structural.

    Officially, it has to be a continual weld on whatever repair is used. Whoever is going to repair it will decide the best way of doing it. A sticky plaster or a patch rivited over the hole isn't good enough. It's supposed to be retested with a metal finish, ie no fillers or paint.

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    This is bolted. It's literally the thin piece of cosmetic metal that goes "over" the structural part. Think of it like the backing of a wing mirror.

    An aluminium plate riveted over it, wouldn't pass?

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    Had to google to see it :)

    It's prob sharp edge as much as the hole it failed on so. If the panel is easily removed a bit of fibre glass from the inside is prob the best job.

    Neat plate might pass depending on the testers humour on the day,just dont have the edges sticking out.

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    No sharp edges at all. It's definitely a "split hole", that I could put my finger through if I pushed it.

    I can get new sills from BMW (they're known to rust) but it could be a few weeks before it arrives and past the free 30 day retest!

    For some reason, can't attach a photo.

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    If its classed as primary structural corrosion then only a continuous weld repair will suffice. Riveting or fibreglass will fail again.

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    My Car failed on the same thing with a hole the size of your fist under the sill. My local Panel beater cut around it and welded in a plate then finished it with paint and scutched the under part. He also treated the other sill to stop that rusting €250 all in..

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,551 ✭✭✭ User1998

    Just for reference I paid €200 for two sills to be welded, this was without paint

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    Thanks everyone. Can anyone recommend someone decent in Dublin? Preferably closer to Liffey valley shopping centre. Thanks

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