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Tips on how to fit in at the gym

  • 20-04-2022 5:36pm
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    Never saw myself as someone would go to the gym but due to a running injury a few years back I’ve been trying it out and love it. I started out with the group classes (mainly women) but have recently been working on a weights program. The weights area and the group classes are worlds apart. The weights area is mainly gym bros (with the occasional, incredibly tightly clad attention seeking girl). They seem serious, bulked up to varying degrees and normally wearing different shades of black with some element that of camaraderie between them.

    How do you go about feeling like you belong ? I’m thinking of investing in some “Boxer des rues” apparel….


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,178 ✭✭✭sprucemoose

    ignore them is your best bet. just wear what you want an do your own thing. the people youre describing are most likely idiots

    *caveat on the clothing thing though, imo dont wear a baseball cap unless youre balding.

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    It’s starting to thin out a bit TBH, but I only wear one to and from the gym. Too hot and awkward for one indoors (nightclubs excepted). Otherwise, thanks. Not sure about idiots but definitely a different breed. Like they’re going to worship...

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,178 ✭✭✭sprucemoose

    Jaysus I dunno about nightclubs either tbh

    (Obviously I'm joking, wear them wherever you want, including the gym)

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,710 ✭✭✭DeadHand

    Better off to go in and do your work without worrying about your apparel and "fitting in".

    No one else cares, you shouldn't either. Concentrate on your own routine without fretting about what others are doing or what they might think about you.

    That's my policy in the gym.

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    Yeah, fair enough - and that is my general approach : I’m here to bulk up a bit, **** everyone else. But there are always some local norms that, even if you’re not “fretting” about, you’ve got to be aware of. The thing about putting you’re towel on your seat (and/or, FFS) wiping down afterwards (don’t do the last one myself) was news to me. TBH since Covid the wiping down has become a bit 5-minute show in the group classes.... You also don’t want to be one of those pensioners who hog the machines with there towels why they’re recovering for 5 minutes.

    It’s like living in a foreign country, you’ve got to adapt a bit to it’s culture

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