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No religious Good Fri prog on RTE Radio 1

  • 15-04-2022 10:42pm
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    It has probably been the case over the past few years, but I observed today that RTE Radio 1 did not mark Good Friday with a religious / reflection programme for Good Friday. It would've been the norm to broadcast a mass or something on Good Friday.

    Over on BBC Radio 2, they had a 2 hour reflections and religious music, in fast paced slots they usually would be playing oldies.

    Are RTE too scared to offend anyone by marking Good Friday on radio ?


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    They had something called The Universal Mass with JJ O'Shea on instead of Liveline. I can't find anything about it online but maybe it was something to mark the day? I don't think RTE radio has broadcast Sunday mass in years though I stand open to correction on that.

    Looking at RTE1's TV schedule, they had a ceremony today from Carlow cathedral. Tomorrow night they'll have an Easter vigil mass. On Easter Sunday, the morning will be taken up with another mass, a methodist ceremony and Urbi et Orbi.

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    Rte radio 1 extra - all the mass you could wish for

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    Smithsonian channel has "The Real Jesus Of Nazereth" on from 4pm until 8pm today if anyone needs a fix.

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    Very true. I've known I was atheist since I was about 10 or 11 years old

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    You're not wrong! It isn't a station I've ever checked out but I see they have Easter ceremonies on there.

    Two things have changed a lot. One, as already mentioned, is that the audience has moved on. Secondly, the options for people who want to see and hear religious programming have expanded hugely. I have elderly relatives who watch mass (and funerals!) in their local church on their smartphones or tablets. That is probably of more value to them because they feel more of a connection to the local priest and the people getting up to do readings etc.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,128 ✭✭✭ ford fiesta

    My original post was comparing RTE Radio 1 here, to BBC Radio 2 in the UK - who had a 2 hour programme to mark Good Friday.

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    Good. Time to move on from the Fr Ted stereotype of a country.

    Like was posted above, most religious minded will connect to their local service stream these days.

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