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Another discussion on my firearm application (its getting annoying now)

  • 07-04-2022 8:38pm
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    I have decided to put it on hold for now. I think i need to be medication free for at least a year before even broaching this topic with the GP, my fear is if my application fails first time then it will certainly tip future attempts towards failure as well. So i really want to pass first time.

    As for the treatment for adhd, i am not sure if my gp is even aware of it as it is from a private hospital and im not sure if they share records or what, my regular gp had no part in the process.

    Just curious but how was it for you all when it came to talking gun ownership with your gp's? i imagine for many it's not something they're used to or that they want to deal with.

    One other thing, i did hear from one gun trainer, that different garda stations have differing levels of anxiety around allowing citizens to own guns. Would a general rule be that the more rural you are and the more land you own yourself the more likely they'l grant it. i imagine getting one in dublin for example would be the hardest place of all and more rural parts would be more sympathetic and relaxed about it. for the record if all goes well i may be moving to the west of Ireland.


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    Honestly I wouldn't worry that much about getting denied, from your other thread I think you would be fine but obviously you know yourself better so if you think it'd be better to wait then that's that.

    My GP was all for it once I explained to him that I found shooting very therapeutic and relaxing, and you are significantly more likely to be injured during most other sports versus shooting so he actually said that he would vastly prefer me shooting vs playing rugby for example :P

    On the second query, I'd call bullshit(gun trainers(NARGC safety course I'm looking directly at you) really should know better when they are educating people entering the sport).

    From the local station your application gets forwarded to the district or divisional office, where the decision is actually made(usually going through a firearms officer responsible for the county first), so all of the decisions are made in built up areas(towns at minimum, usually cities).

    I know some districts in Dublin which are significantly easier to get firearms licenced than the same firearms in Laois for example, which doesn't even have a city and has a large number of rural firearms licencees, and that is solely down to the Super and Chief Supers involved. Even rural counties can be completely different(ie Kilkenny which is by all accounts excellent for licencing and speed of applications getting processed, vs it's neighbour Laois where they routinely take 3 months).

    So long story short, no, your location only matters because of the opinion of the Super/Chief of your district and their personal opinions on firearms, rather than how urban/rural the location is.

    In my experience and others that have related their experiences to me that is.

    Never forget, the end goal is zero firearms of any type.

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    Just curious but how was it for you all when it came to talking gun ownership with your gp's? i imagine for many it's not something they're used to or that they want to deal with.

    Why would you even bring the topic up with your GP?There is no mandatory requirement to inform them that you own firearms like in the UK as you need a clearance from them for an application.

    I go to my doc to discuss my ingrown toenail or broken limb,or stent implant. Not my firearms.

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