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Illegal to work at a new job without signing a contract?

  • 07-04-2022 1:42pm
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    I work in a factory/warehouse on the north-side of Cork City. Another couple of guys recently started there, they did their induction and the person who normally did the contracts for new employees to sign was out that day. That was a few weeks ago. They both still have not received contracts to sign.

    Surely this is illegal? Where would they or the company stand in the event of an accident with insurance and such?

    I recall having my contract expire (on a Friday) a while back and I went in on the Monday and still had not gotten a new contract. I got one near the end of the day on the Monday -- seems like a really shoddy carry on.

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    Legally you have to get your contract within 2 months but a lot of companies run over especially if its being renewed I.e. fixed term

    5days to give you a written statemstating certain core information ent

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    Employees are entitled to get a statement of 5 core terms within 5 days and written details of the employment agreement/contract within 2 months once they are in the job more than a month. The company must sign it but there's no obligation on the employee to sign - they just need to get a signed copy. It's an offence for the company/directors/manager not to comply.

    Edit: 5 Core terms

    Names of Employee and Employer

    Employers address

    Expected length of contract & if its tempoary or fixed term

    Normal daily & weekly working hours

    Rate of pay and whether it is weekly/fortnightly/monthly

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    In the end, he got a contract about 6 weeks after starting the job.

    Mitch Hedberg: "Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something."