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Where to begin

  • 27-03-2022 3:42am
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    I've always wanted to get into Star Trek but I think I have been intimidated on where to start. Where is the best series to give it a first go? I had an ex girlfriend who loved it, so I would always catch episodes sporadically but never knew what was going on because I just dipped in.


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    From the start - there are lots of throwbacks in all the series that would leave you scratching your head if you hadn't seen them

    Though I have a fond love of ST:TNG having grown up with it

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    When I was younger I had started on the earlier original-series movies from the 80’s that feature the adventures of the original Enterprise with Kirk, Spock etc… They are good bite-sized chunks of what Star Trek usually tries to go for.

    In particular, you,ve got Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek 3, and Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home. These 3 create a sort of trilogy adventure that will give you a lot of the feel of a Star Trek story.

    Star Trek 1: The Motion Picture is also a good introduction, but it is very slow paced and leans alot into the likes of 2001 A Space Odyssey. A very atmospheric, very 70’s styled movie that can be a little too slow for some. Save for later.

    Star Trek 5 as a directed by William Shatner (guy who plays Kirk) and is seen as the weakest of the earlier movies. I think it’s OK myself, but you can safely skip it.

    Star Trek 6 is excellent and worth a watch. I think you could almost hop over to TNG from here, because by now you should have a good grasp of the likes of the Klingons, Starlfleet and the Federation.

    TNG Season 1 is a bit of a mess, but there are some good episodes there.

    TNG Season 2 is darker, with more better episodes but still a bit uneven. Major Trek villains “The Borg” is introduced here.

    TNG Season 3 is packed with excellent episodes and by now if you like what you see, you’ll want to see the rest.

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    I would say start with Star Trek II: The Wrath of's a fantastic opener for fans. Then follow up with Star Trek III, and IV. If you're still watching by now, go ahead with V and VI. That'll do you for in terms of the movies for now.

    Then, I'd say start Star Trek: The Next Generation. Keep in mind this began in 1987, and for Season 1 and 2, is only a slightly modernised version of the original 60's show. Some episodes are VERY dated. Before long though, it finds its feet and matures into some of the finest Star Trek you'll ever see. If you make it all the way through and still want more, you're in for a treat. Move along home to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. For me, this is peak Star Trek. Character development like few other shows can begin to match...again, it was a big departure at the time, so takes a season or two to find its feet....but when it does, it's the cream of the crop (imo). The final show in the 'golden era trilogy' then is Star Trek: Voyager. This brings things back more in line with The Next Generation, and isn't for everyone...but there's some great episodes, and imo, deserves its place alongside the other two.

    That takes care of the 'golden era' of TV Trek. From here, go and watch the next set of films, "Generations", "First Contact", "Insurrection", and "Nemesis".

    The next show, "Star Trek: Enterprise", is a prequel show....set way before even the original 60's era show. Again, it gets a lot of flak, but if you watch a few eps a week, I find you get into a rhythm with it and it's a fine show. If for some reason by the end of that you're still with us, you're a definite Trekkie! Go ahead then and watch the original 60's show "Star Trek", three seasons of styrofoam rocks ahoy...if you can get past the very dated effects, dubious stunt doubles, and facial lighting, it's still really good. The dynamic between the main three definitely binds the show together. After that, watch the first ever Star Trek movie "The Motion Picture" (actually due a 4K Directors Cut release very soon).

    There's then a trilogy or rebooted 'classic' era films staring Chris Pine as Kirk etc, "Star Trek", "Into Darkness", and "Beyond". I enjoyed them, the main trio did a great job at recreating some of the chemistry...but the storytelling is a little shallow and effects heavy.

    That, unfortunately, brings you to the 'modern era' of Star Trek.

    I won't go on a rant about the modern shows, because it's all been said, some like them, others, well, don't...but there's "Star Trek: Discovery", which was the first Trek on TV since Enterprise. This is followed up by "Picard", which is a continuation of the life of the main character from Star Trek: The Next Generation in his elder years. Do check out Star Trek: Lower Decks however, it's an animated/humorous take on the Trek universe, and is very well written by people who 'get' what made Star Trek so appealing back in its golden era. Another honourable mention goes to The Orville, it's not Star Trek, but heavily inspired by it, with humour infused's brilliant.

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    I'm a bit of an advocate for not cherry-picking through the "good" episodes of the classic series so I suggest watching all of the episodes of each series in this rough order.

    • TNG
    • Generations and First Contact.
    • TOS or move on to DS9 and Voyager.
    • Once you've seen TOS watch those movies in order
    • Once you've finished DS9 watch Insurrection
    • Once you've finished Voyager watch Nemesis (not to be confused with the Voyager episode with the same title).
    • Enterprise
    • Lower Decks (Not to be confused with the TNG episode of the same name) and Galaxy Quest. Galaxy Quest isn't a Star Trek film but after watching ~700 episodes of Star Trek and 10 films you'll appreciate it.
    • That leaves the 2009 reboot film trilogy, Discovery, and Picard. The films are OK as action spectacle, Discovery is... contentious, and Picard has greatly improved so far this season (season 2).

    I kind of envy you OP being able to go through the whole thing mostly fresh.

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    I envy you OP the journey ahead of you.

    I would say watch all the Original Series films first.

    Then watch TNG

    Then watch TOS

    Then watch DS9

    The reason I say watch TOS before DS9 is because if you do not there is some DS9 episodes that you will just not get the significants of.

    After that watch Voyager.

    Then Star Trek Enterprise.

    Then after that Star Trek Lower Decks and

    Star Trek Prodigy are both worth a watch.

    Star Trek Picard Season two is good Season one is a hard watch.

    If you ever board out of your mind and just want to chill and not have to think to much Then you can throw on the 3 new Trek films. Not much to think about just enjoy the spectacle on a big TV or a projector both with good sound if you can surround sound preferably.

    I am not even going to mention that other travesty. It does not exist in my Universe.

    Live long and Prosper

    Peace and long life.

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    Start with original