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Does new Leaf SVE/Tekna come with ProPilot Park?

  • 23-03-2022 10:17pm
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    First time buying a brand new car. Does the Nissan Leaf SVE/Tekna model come with "ProPilot Park" as standard, or is it an option to be paid for? When looking at the price list, some of the options have "SV Premium" or "SVE" in brackets, so wondering if these options come as standard for the higher spec car, or if they are only available on certain models at an additional price. My guess is that anything marked with "SVE" is a paid option and everything else is included as standard on the SVE model....such as the €400 coldpack option which lists the lower specs in brackets.


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    Surely your local Nissan dealer should confirm this

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,996 ✭✭✭ Padraig Mor

    You are correct. So ProPilot is standard on the SVE, but ProPilot Park is a €1700 option. You'd want to be a pretty **** parker to pay that! From memory of my old 2018 Leaf 40 SVE, the only available options besides metallic paint were two tone paint and the ProPilot Park - everything else was standard.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,598 ✭✭✭ whippet

    you'd think you wouldn't need the ProPilot Park !!! every car I've owned from a Skoda in 2011 had park assist and in the decade after I've discovered I have forgotten how to parallel park !!

    It was with the utmost of embarrassment a few months ago when I first tried to parallel park the Leaf ... about 6 failed attempts and I just drove off to the multi-storey. After a little bit of practice I am back to being a parking wizard ! .. but I do still love the park assist in my BMW

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    Best to go in knowing than asking. I can get the best deal if prepared.

    Thanks, that's what I thought. Metallic Paint, 2-Tone Paint and ProPILOT Park are the only optional extras. I like the 2-Tone options, but not sure if it's worth the extra €300 on top of metallic. Will consider it. I'm thinking Red or Blue with Black roof, or just full Gun Metal Grey. Although we already have a GM Grey 24 Leaf SVE we are keeping. Will think on that.

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    So I went to 2 dealers under the same dealership brand. 1 dealer included metallic in the base price (printed on price sheet) and the other dealer charged for it. So, I went with dealer 1 and chose 2 tone metallic at only 300 extra. Went with the SVE model and left propilot parking off the order of course. Finance approved and waiting for delivery in July. 34k all trade-in. I'll sell the Leaf24 privately. 5k for a 2012 with 9 bars should sell fast, so I will wait till closer to the date.

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    My 'other' car has the option to self-park. I have never used it.

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    I would pay 4-500 for the novelty and to have all the bells and whistles....but the price is just ridiculous.