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Tiling over Paint

  • 13-03-2022 9:56pm
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    I'm getting mixed messages on this one. I plan to tile the bathroom walls in two small domestic bathrooms, currently the walls are painted with emulsion and are a mix of plastered blockwork and plasterboard, most tile sellers and most tilers advise that I will have tile adhesion issues if I tile over the paint and suggest that the paint layer be scraped off before tiles are applied, any advice?


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    I think that the fair answer here is that you either will or you won't have issues due to adhesion. Nobody can answer that to be frank - and it's a wall too. Best scrape it back to a sound surface.

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    You've been given an answer by people experienced in the field?

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    Perhaps but not every tiler I've spoken to agrees with the others

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    Have you been told to paint a primer from a tile shop onto the painted walls. Then just simply tile straight onto that.

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    No they suggest stripping back the walls to the original surface and tiling on to that

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    Ask about primers in a tile shop.

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    The emulsion paint is bonded on to the plaster. The paint is only capable of holding itself to the plaster. It is not capable of carrying the extra load of the tile adhesive and the tiles.

    Take off the paint. Ensure the tile adhesive is on to the clean plaster surface.

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    Many thanks for all the replies