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Germany without Russian gas

  • 01-03-2022 8:59pm
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    How stuffed are the Germans without the supply of Russian gas? Would they have enough to keep their industry going? Rolling blackouts?

    I don't think stoves are mad popular over there either so if there isn't enough to supply the houses a lot of people will be shivering


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    The winter is over. they will be grand, but will have to source more expensive shipped in supplies and alternatives for next year. they are regretting closing their nuclear plants now. Germany also has coal. The green credentials will take a battering

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    I would also be interested in the safety aspects of rationing gas. I assume big industries using lots of gas will have to shut down or change fuel source, and domestic supplies will be unaffected, due to the dangers of shutting off or deducing supply pressure.

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    They've been through far worse, and if anyone can deal with it it's the Germans.

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    Air to water, they need to move out of the Stone Age. End of story.

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    Well, all or most of Europe decided a while back that we should put our gas supply in the hands of a borderline hostile totalitarian regime. Whatever plan b was, now’s the time lads!

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    Short term - be grand, it's nearly summer and the we won't need heat again until Sept/Oct. Plenty of time to source something else.

    That said, I don't know how much is needed for other uses, so can't say. Germany has lots of wind and solar options as well, but how much is needed and how much can be supplied, I've no idea.

    A lot depends on how long this drags on and what the state of play is come Autumn and that's a long way off all things considered.

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    German renewables this month vs total demand. Red areas are where output dropped below 30GW ~ 50% of average demand. Which gives a sort of idea of when dispatchable power would have been needed if they had twice as much renewables as they do currently.

    Compare to how much came from gas and nuclear.

    Lots of lignite and coal and Norwegian gas so shouldn't be any rolling blackouts while transitioning.

    Overall the EU is looking towards better electricity distribution.So the EU is part funding links from here to France, Italy to Malta, Greece to Cyprus.

    The same day that Ukraine begun conducting an isolation mode test, the first step in preparation for the future synchronisation with the EU, the Russian military forces attacked the country. Gas can be supplied to Ukraine from the EU.

    Also CNN said Lithuania is moving from Russian grid synchronisation to EU's.

    This means Russia will be selling less gas, oil and electricity to it's Western neighbours. While they may be able to sell to China that's a Faustian deal. Finland has also cancelled plans for a Russian nuclear plant. BP and Shell are walking away too.