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udaras na gaeltachta


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    iIs this a problem?

    Which bit of Fianna Fail is in a coalition and doesn't have unfettered powers do you not understand?

    Surely, this will be a way of showing their coalition partners that their view is shared by the public?

  • That sounds like a rather cynical move by the party whose leader embezzled his friend's liver-transplant fundraiser money before Mary Harney prejudiced his corruption trial and he evaded jail and then died,

    then the next leader was the king of the dogfood factories but unfortunately he tried to help out the king of the cow factories and the cow-factory king prevailed, and the leader bitched and moaned that it was only a bit of business and whatnot and he sued the London Times and the Old Bailey gave him £1 damages and he said it was a vindication and if I were that much of a white-collar criminal then I'd have celebrated £1 as well but then of course he thought he'd be back in the next time because he was the rural business top dog but although everyone knew he was dodgy, everyone like him is always dodgy, and usually that's enough but for some reason he was even dodgier and he got brushed off for being a massive fat-head Longford ball of crime,

    then the next leader got a bunch of builders and moneymen to buy him a house when he was in an anti-divorce party and his marriage broke down and then he claimed to be a mad Catholic every time it suited him even if he was with yer wan from the Sunday Independent selling all that expensive stuff and talking out-and-out gibberish but then it turned out that he'd got a load of money off fellahs that he used to fly over to Manchester with to watch Manchester United, which is not a Dublin team despite his desperate allegiances to all that is Dublin, and he said he "won it on a horse" and talked about his "confirmation money",

    and then the next leader of that party gave a blank cheque to his casino-capitalist mates thus reducing the standard of living within Ireland and forcing many into poverty and suicide.

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