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Structural Design Engineer

  • 15-02-2022 5:11pm
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    Hi there, I would be no expert in this field so I need some general advice. Basically my sister and her husband are planning on moving back to Ireland. He is american, 37 years old and a qualified structural engineer. He has been offered a job in Dublin in a construction consultancy and the package is €55k + 10% bonus paid in December + 6% pension contributions. He asked me over the weekend would that be within the average for Ireland. Myself or none of my friends/family work in that kind of industry so I wouldn't have a clue so I am putting it out here for some feedback.


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    I don't know that field either but it's easy enough to find salary guides online. According to the one, the range is 40-70k. Where he sits within that range will depend on his length of service and how good/relevant his experience is for whatever he's applying to here.

    Might be worth sending him a link to a tax calculator and some info on price of living so that he can understand exactly what he'll be earning.

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    I don't work in that field but assuming he has 10+ years experience, that seems crazy low. Graduate salaries are probably 35k

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    So I've spoken to him since and he has been onto a recruiter over here who has 3 job offers lined up, all offering in and around the same. Apparently that's the going rate. Id imagine recruiters would be trying to push for as high as possible. Like I said I don't know the industry but it does seem low to me.

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    Fair enough. I'm shocked at that. I studied Civil Engineering but never actually worked in it - I think I made the right decision!