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Nope (Jordan Peele)

  • 13-02-2022 9:47am
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    First trailer, suitably enigmatic. I'll be honest, I'm fairly ambivalent at first blush about the trailer and I think Peele's main flaw might be his ideas can't sustain a full feature: Get Out was a fun thriller (but not a horror IMO), yet Us was tedious, a short-film stretched to feature-length. And even the former kinda dragged things out, while the petering out once the shoe Actually dropped.

    As a non American, his obvious, constant theme of race kinda go over my head a little - even if I get what he's trying to say, and why. Just not sure the meat around these skeletons is particular substantial either.



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    That looks like a decent science fiction horror.

    Trailer seems to be teasing a few elements that I'm guess they are saving for the film itself.

    Not sure there was any big selling scene but it did lean into an Ominous feel. Is the word the guy was looking for: omen.. disaster .. tragedy?

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    Superbowl spot


    Feels like most previously seen footage.. but..

    That clickey noise.. sounds a bit Alien/Predator

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    Really liked Get Out, Us didn't do it for me at all.

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    Get Out was reasonable if over-praised for sure.

    Us was muddled and frankly boring.

    At least he's not out to bury an existing IP this time like the way he effectively killed off both "The Twilight Zone" (one of the worst reboots ever witnessed when it should have been a home-run with "Black Mirror" showing the way) and "Candyman" (a completely facile-messaged non-horror movie bastardisation of a horror franchise).

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    I forgot all about Twilight Zone. Yeah, there was an audience for it, but it turned out to be a mess. Hadn't realised it was axed, but it's no surprise.

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    Never even watched The Twilight Zone, though that's more about my allergy towards anthology shows than critical reception - though yeah, I had heard it got a bit of a kicking when it came out.

    Looks like Peele wrote very little - and directed nothing - of the series, if Wikipedia is anything to go by. I did spot the name of one Simon Kinsberg (aka, he who kept making those awful X-Men movies and nothing else), so big yikes there.

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    Peele (and Simon Kinberg) were the rebooters and creators of the series

    They lined up the writers and directors, showrunner etc and obviously were key in deciding what the concept, tone, "messaging" and material of the show was going to be and recruited on that basis

    Their production companies produced the show

    It's on them really

    Peele also wrote some episodes

    Less importantly he was also the narrator and host but nonetheless he was the "face" of the series and marketed as such also

    In the media it was frequently and deliberately referred to as "Jordan Peele's reboot" or "Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone"

    On February 24, 2021, CBS All Access announced the series would be ending after two seasons; Peele and Kinberg's companies released a joint statement indicating that although All Access (rebranded as Paramount+) wanted the series to continue, it was "our decision" and that they had "told the stories that we wanted to tell".

    Terribly boring stuff and with the usual over-riding "brick to the face" trademark subtlety of the creator.

    Not a patch on the original and a complete disaster.

    Even the guardian didn't like it

    Instead of the original series’ bleakly measured contemplation of mankind’s capacity for cruelty and evil, the reboot falls into either preachiness or schmaltz.

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    Final trailer; be warned, it does strip away all of the mystery from previous promotions.

    But hey; a simple A to B story never hurt anyone.

    It's a flying saucer.

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    I'm kinda glad they demystified it now.. because.. I hadn't a notion it was going that way and .. it mighta been a bit of a let down

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    Don't worry.

    It won't really be about that at all.

    2/5 on it's Roots with warp drive.

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    It was shot using Kodak film and in addition to regular formats, will also be released in a 65mm IMAX format

  • Registered Users Posts: 60,516 ✭✭✭✭Agent Coulson

    First reviews are coming out and they of course are all positive.

    Do early reviews ever be negative.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,108 ✭✭✭ThePott

    The only one that comes to my mind is when Fox lifted the embargo for X-Men Apocalyps nearly 3 weeks early and they were nearly all negative/mixed. Think that was after it had a premiere in London though. Morbius more recently had bad reactions about a week out.

    Have some anticipation for Nope even though Us left me wanting. Also annoyed cause I didn't realise it wasn't out here till mid-August.

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    All the reviews for "Us" were pretty much positive also and....

  • Registered Users Posts: 873 ✭✭✭El Duda

    That 2 star review is from peter Bradshaw. The worst critic of all time.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,398 ✭✭✭cmac2009

    The 'reverse bradshaw' is terrific system for judging the quality of a film.

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    Bradshaw gave "Us" four stars out of five and that was shite

    So "Nope" is going to be a classic then is it?!



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    I'm beginning to get a hint that just maybe, glasso doesn't like Jordan Peele movies. Just a hint, mind, it's subtle. 🤣🙄

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    I've said that "Get Out" was decent (but at least a tad over-rated, and merely a "Stepford Wives" rehash with "color" thrown in)

    Peele himself is vastly over-rated, yet MUST be praised just because.

    But since then he has completely mangled beyond repair both "The Twilight Zone" and "Candyman" and also "Us" was boring and a mess ultimately.

    This looks like another stinker but mind-bogglingly there still are not a few huggers who know very well that they have stepped into dogshit but pretend that they can't smell it, adding on a level or two to their ratings to his films that are in no way warranted.

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    Have seen a lot of very positive reviews from critics and outlets I tend to follow, alongside a handful of mixed ones out there in the ether. Particularly glad to hear it's quite the exciting big screen spectacle, as I felt Us was a big leap in terms of Peele's visual and stylistic ambitions. Looking forward to finding out myself whether it does / doesn't work, although shame about the weird delay with the Irish / UK release.

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    The cascade of glowing reviews for the messy and boring piece that was "Us" definitively shows that the glossing over of glaringly obvious significant flaws is rampant in this special case.

    the fact that "Nope" has a worse rating that "Us" does not augur well.

    maybe it's just as bad as "Us" and not actually worse, but also that some of the perceived need to ignore the obvious is wearing off?

    Subtle subtext can be art.

    The opposite is certainly not.

    the cringe-level behaviour of certain sections of the press who deem it vital to proclaim anything connected to him "important" is more than faintly ridiculous

    It's akin to Facebook and Google making sure they have loads of employees wearing company t-shirts and waving flags at a pride parade.

    Over-riding view for "Nope" seems to be lack of focus and clarity.

    The term "elevated horror" has been applied to Peele by some, the most "elevated" aspect beyond doubt has been the critic ratings!

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    Seems to be an easy spoiler film with something not seen in the trailers from what I can tell of the reactions.

    Also mention of being worth a big screen.

    Though.. if they've kept it hush-hush maybe other films have already booked out the big screens in cinemas.

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    Fell below initial projections and got a B- cinemascore (not great and indicates poor word of mouth to come). I'll judge for myself when it's released here but I don't think - in terms of audience reactions and overall box office - this will be on a par with Get Out and Us.

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    Yeah but sure aren't actual cinema audiences (polled by trusted 40-year research firm techniques particularly focused on target market success for the industry) supposed to be completely dumb compared to a critic who is trying hard to say the "right thing" and even willing to go damage control in the relevant context of a movie that that had a prime release slot date with little to no competition yet still didn't hit the figures?

    2nd-weekend figures are particularly instructive on the word-of-mouth effect.

    Audience score on rotten tomatoes also not great.

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    The word-of-mouth has definitely kicked in as "Nope" plummets to $18.6 million this weekend gone, dethroned by the massive blockbuster new release mega-competition that is.... "DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS " which raked in a giganormous $23 mill on its debut weekend to hit the top of the revenue pie of any movie in the US market

    Can't really accuse "DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS " of stealing the target market revenue of "Nope" to be fair!

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    Loved this… and I’m not just saying that because it includes an extended homage to my favourite anime series 😎

    An exceptionally unusual film in many ways, while still being a more straightforward narrative than Us. There’s nothing particularly ‘out there’ about the central story. Its strangeness comes in the execution: the mood and atmosphere is extremely compelling, full of weirdly haunting, creepy scenes. It’s not really outright ‘scary’, but some of the sequences are uniquely unsettling and 'off' in a way that really gets under the skin.

    I love how Peele plays around with the visuals in this: part Spielbergian spectacle for sure, but it’s a film thematically and visually fascinated with the very concept of spectacle and how we’re living in a world dominated by relentless images of atrocities, tragedies and absurdities. A film that’s much less of a ‘statement’ than his previous works (those who want one will likely be left frustrated), but one which spins off from Peele’s fascination with how we understand the modern world through the constant stream of images, and how those images are exploited and interpreted. The way Hoyte van Hoytema and Peele use characters' perspectives to frame the action in surprising ways is great... and indeed frames themselves are a major motif throughout the film. I'm keen to watch again to pay more attention to the visual decisions made throughout.

    Also thought it was fascinating how the film - particularly through Kaluuya and Yeun's characters - dealt with the ways individuals deal with trauma. This isn't explicitly a 'pandemic film', but the sense of characters simply struggling to process the events around rings particularly true after the last few years.

    It's far less of an overt comedy than Get Out, but I love Peele’s continued ability to release tension after a suspenseful stretch with a quick, well-earned laugh. In particular...

    ...the alien fake-out in the stables is incredible, as is Kaluuya's response as he decides to stay in the car when some truly heinous **** is unfolding.

    Anyway, really great film - absolutely not for everyone, and if I was to make one criticism it's that it took me 20-30 mins to tune into the film's strange wavelength. It's certainly messy as it works to get the pieces on the table. But gotta say I was totally on board after a while and it's one I'm already looking forward to revisiting.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 7,024 ✭✭✭Gusser09

    7.5 out of 10 on IMDB is good enough for me. I'll go to see it.