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  • 11-02-2022 7:51pm
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    Apologies if this was already asked:

    I was out doing business in a building near where Randox have their clinic. There must have been about 30 people queueing for whatever.

    I thought certs were done away with? Where's the certs needed for? Must say there was a biting wind out there, not the most pleasant places to be queueing outdoors.


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    Depending on the destination, proof of a recent negative test is still needed for travel for people who have been injected less than three times with Covid-19 mRNA products.

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    Hi, anyone any experience of the next day PCR test Randox offer? How long does it really take, I know they say before 11:59 the next day but if you get tested at 10am would you have it fairly early next day??

    Son going on Ski trip..

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    Anyone done 1 of these that can help?