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Genital Nullification Cult

  • 07-02-2022 3:54pm
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    Amputations were allegedly carried out in a basement flat and broadcast on a pay-per-view channel that was promoted via a Twitter account, The Sun newspaper reported.

    The practise is linked to a subculture where men become "nullos", short for genital nullification.

    Never knew these types of cults existed until I read the news reports. And to show it live on pay per view 😳 I dunno whether to laugh, wince or cry! Anyone heard of them before?

    Edit: eunuchs!


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    Step away from the internet lad 😉

    Langley, Virginia


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    I wouldn’t worry……give it some time, it’ll die off by itself….

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    I would have been happy in my blissful ignorance only for the fact it was a top story on sky news 😂

    I wonder what they do with the bits they chop off 🤔

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    Langley, Virginia


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    Scaredy cat!

    “What is a Nullo” led me to Google’s arts and culture section 😂

    “One of the most famous nullos is Mao Sugiyama, a Japanese artist and asexual activist who in 2012 had his genitals surgically removed, cooked, and served to paying guests at a public banquet. Cannibalism is not a crime under Japanese law. Sugiyama, who uses the nickname "Ham Cybele", also had his nipples removed.”

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    hadto google that my self earlier , cutting your nuts off and serving they up to your mates to eat ? fecking hell surely that reached the bar for being locked u in a mental health facility

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    Langley, Virginia


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    Yeah random nsfw button on the Reddit app I used to use had me end up on a subreddit for all the lads into that crap. Fecking oddballs , eh no balls. Looks weird

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    There was a fella a few years ago who cooked his and people paid to eat them.

    Must find the article. Edit: it's posted above.

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    I wish I was witty enough to have made a better subject line for this thread.


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    Even crazy people can be weirdly crazy.


    The opposite to a great truth can be another great truth ~Niels Bohr

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    I remember many years ago (probably 1998/99), back when the internet was a much smaller place, looking up something music related. I can't remember exactly what it was now, but anyway one result brought me to a blog that had an entry about the thing I was interested in. It was well written, so I scrolled down to see what else the guy was writing about. Next coupe of posts were about something else random, all fine, scroll down...

    ...then OM FÚCKING G!!!!

    The guy had gone and graphically documented - with multiple photos - his own self-done surgical castration that he had done on himself in his bathroom. He just threw this up on his blog like it was a how-to about opening up the filter in your vacuum cleaner to clear out the fluff. Everything, from the reasons he wanted to eliminate his sex drive and his nads, to the anesthetic he used, to the scalpel, the incisions, removing the lads, stemming the blood loss, stitching it all back up was all just causally documented. I don't know how he operated the camera, but the fucker managed it.

    It's not something that can be unseen.

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    Isn't that what men who want to be women do? Is that a cult as well?

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    Religion in "religion making otherwise sane people do fcuking crazy things" shocker.

    Apparently god is perfect and made you in his own image, therefore also perfect, but 2 out of the 3 biggest religions in the world insist you have to cut off this dirty nasty bit on the end of your weiner that god forgot to omit from the recipe.

    If you can make people belive bat-shít stuff like that they'll believe anything. And, what's scary, do literally anything in the name of their god fella.

    Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings. There's a reason the muslim world is so economically backward and discarding 50% of your human capital on account of being female is only one part of it.

    Religion of all stripes and all kinds is a curse on humanity. It is nothing other than the perpetuation of the power of stupid people in large groups.

    Defund Alcohol Action Ireland

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    Off on one of you're anti religion rants again I see. Has to have been a rant as it made absolutely no sense

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    It makes a great deal of sense which you choose to ignore.

    Infant circumcision is not a tenet of your religion, but that's just a happenstance of the time and place you were born in. Under a (not very) different species of idiocy you'd be telling us it was essential to rip a bit of dick off to live a moral life.

    The greatest aim of all religions has always been to control the sex impulse, christianity and in particular catholicism are obsessed with controlling the sexual activities of the laity (not so much the clergy).

    George Orwell had this sussed in 1984. Communism and fascism are just other religions. Hitler didn't lick his admiration of snazzy uniforms and absolute obedience to authority off the ground. Stalin was an ex-seminarian.

    Defund Alcohol Action Ireland

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    The case in the opening post has nothing to do with religion though?

    The subculture is said to be inspired by asexual Japanese artist, Mao Sugiyama, who had his nipples, penis, and testicles surgically removed in Tokyo nine years ago when he was 23-years-old. He is nicknamed “the eunuch maker”.

    And I’m not defending the practice, I think it’s abhorrent, but with regard to circumcision in Islam, it’s based upon the idea that the Prophet Muhammad was born without a foreskin (ok deffo not linking to the Wiki page for aposthia, Jesus fcuking Christ 😳), no foreskin, basically.

    Judaism - covenant with God, nothing to do with being created in his image.

    Christianity - Greeks, for all their hedonism, were having none of it.

    Science was also used to determine far more efficient ways of wiping out humans in large groups than flying a plane into a building, Nazis were particularly interested in using bad science to further their ideas about their own superiority and others inferiority, ideas which were very easy for people to believe at the time.

    The black uniforms worn by Nazis weren’t Hitlers idea, they were designed two years before he came to power and produced by the little known Nazi, Hugo Boss. Incredible what you can do with good PR - convincing stupid people in large groups to fork out cash to advertise your brand. Stroke of genius really.

    In any case, significant damage was done to Hitler’s reputation when enough people began to believe he only had one testicle, heard on many a British playground during wartime -