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Nice little junket for Stephen Donnolly and Robert Watt

  • 28-01-2022 10:58am
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    There is a very big controversy over children being inappropraitely medicated and the State is going to have to fork out millions in compensation.

    We will also be spending millions fixing up the damage caused by the cyber leak that affected the HSE.

    We are still wearing masks and children are sitting masked up all day and in freezing cold classsrooms because, well,there is still a dangerous pandemic all around us.

    And the Minister for Health and the Sec general of the Department of Health think its appropriate to jet off to Dubai for a physical and mental health conference.

    Dubai whose attitude to Human Rights is to say the least questionable.

    Do these people not have any idea of how bad this looks, do they not care.



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    See it's not really about how 'you' see it, - it's about how they see it, and how the public in general see it.

    If you think they see it as anything but a holiday and an escape from accountability then you're very very naive, and if you think the public see it as anything other than the same then you're utterly deluded

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    Dubai, or not Dubai, that is the question: 

    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

    Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles

    I’m sure the optics occurred to them alright, and they decided it was worth it.

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    Not sure if you heard about it but we had a pandemic there. Still hanging around. I'm sure it was essential personal only.

    Look it up, it was an expo not a government meeting of minds.

    It was a beano for the jolly boys.

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    Just to correct a minor point, - these children weren't overmedicated, they were wrongly medicated - given the wrong drugs, and given drugs they didn't need at all.

    That's far more serious.

    I happen to know personally some of the families affected by this.

    Children's lives have been destroyed here and these bastards are on a jolly in the sun?

    The phrase is totally overused for every little thing, but as this country gets worse for this crap every day, - "swinging from lampposts" is the only expression that comes to mind.

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    This idea that people need to be "at their desks" to be doing their jobs is stupid, regardless of any other merits of this expo.

    Sounds like what you'd get middle managers saying. Or the sorta stuff that politicians would do for a photoshoot to look busy.

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    For 2 bonus points can anyone name the modest hotel they will be staying in?

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    Would it have made a difference if the expo was in London or Belfast?

    Should they have cancelled the trip to sit in an office and read a report, instead of reading it on the plane or whatever?

    Should they have belted down to kerry for some photo ops?

    Not sure how much value they could add by sitting in Dublin - I'm also not sure how much value attending the expo has but I don't think you really care about that OP

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    Well I suppose they didn't go on a private plane.....

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    What does this king of the civil servants actually do to justify his salary?

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    Homosexuality is illegal in Dubai too.

    Why would you fly to an country that treats women, gay people,poor immigrant workers so badly and then stand around using your privilege to talk about Physical and Mental health.


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    You are over reaching and basically ranting and raving trying to shoehorn in all sorts.

    This story could easily be "Men do their Jobs".

    The real question is why are these 2 roles expected to attended events like this.

    In a statement, the department of health said Mr Donnelly and Mr Watt were attending and participating in the Expo and "supporting Irish companies in the region"

    Surely that is Leo's job if even that.

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    "It is the expo. It is a major world event,” Mr Martin said. “They are there with Irish healthcare companies and Enterprise Ireland. We were at a summit this morning on startups and entrepreneurship where the whole emphasis was on international connectivity and Ireland exporting abroad.

    The health service has absolutely no business getting involved in trade shows to promote private Irish business and entrepreneurs abroad in Dubai or anywhere.

    How many ministers of health and top health civil servants from other countries attended I wonder? And what did Donnelly and Watt bring that Enterprise Ireland didn't?Chancers.

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    No need to wonder - Stephen Donnelly is meeting with other health ministers, discussing the future of covid, and even speaking at an event, it's no secret:

    Bilateral engagements were also planned with other health ministers while Mr Donnelly was scheduled to be a speaker at the ‘Expo on Building a Culture of Health at Work’.

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    I love how some people are so sucked in by the sensationalism of a rag like the indo.

    I used to have to go to trade fairs and so called learning expos.

    Some friends thought I was having a great life. I feckin hated them. Most people I know who still go on these trips hate them too.

    Early flights in the airport, having to small talk constantly, staying in boring hotels, listen to people go on and on thinking they were god on a subject.

    No private time.

    Of course you will smile and laugh and in a way show you are enjoying it, the truth is that they are utterly boring and pain in the butt.

    As for Watt's salary. Note how they won't mention the massive PAYE, USC and prsi deductions

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    The attendees should ask for their money back if Stephen Donnelly is the calibre of the speakers 🙄

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    It's a bit like the Paddy's Day exodus that people get very irked about, where Ministers show up in far flung places as an opportunity to promote Ireland. The health theme of this suggests these two were the right fit and if there was some conference or discussions on COVID and pandemics it's not illogical to have both out there.

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    When I was younger I loved these trips but now see them as nothing more than a pain in the arse which infringe on my personal time more than anything else. The last trip I was on was to a meeting in London that could just have easily been done on Skype. Had to fly in the night before and hang around the city on my own. Up the next day killing time until the 11 am meeting. Back to airport where the plane was cancelled after me waiting there for 7 hours. Ended up having to stay the night again and a 6 am flight the Saturday morning. So weekend and I am wrecked. The airline refunded my flight to the company.

    No thanks

  • It’s all part of the job. I sincerely doubt that it’s a barrel of laughs. If you think that you could do the job or do it better, stand in the next election.

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    We have just come out of what is supposed to be a pandemic and employers and employees are being told they should take care as people go back to the office.

    I am still required to wear a mask while I pay for fuel for my car.

    My GP is still not seeing people in person.

    My daughter who is triple vaccinated had to pay 29 euros to get a negative antigen test to fly to Italy.

    And you are telling me that less than a week after we open up it is prudent for a Civil Servant and a Minister for Health to fly to a country that has a very bad record on human rights,to talk about mental health, to meet up with delegates from all over the world while there is a pandemic going on.

    And this is when the Irish Government is ready to pay millions of euros to Irish children who went to the HSE to source help for mental health issues and they were inappropriately medicated.

    Who is going to accept responsibility for this.

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    "Who is going to accept responsibility for this"

    The government are responsible. Is there anyone refusing to accept responsibility?

    Just to add: I am beside myself with indifference. Government doing government business. Whatever next?

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    My outlier of a GP won't see people so no one should travel abroad apart from my daughter

    Absolute incoherent ranting and raving.

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    Whats incoherent about pointing out the public health issue is still with us and maybe those in leadership positions should not organise delegates from all over the world to meet up while a pandemic is still going on.

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    So your problem is just with people in "leadership positions" travelling, everyone else is fine, including your family.

    Good stuff.

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    The victims of the Kerry CAHMs need wait a bit because the government talks on compensation have stalled because, Donnelly is away.